Quiz Games

  • Guess It
    Guess It
    Played 32800 times

    Can you guess the most popular answers to these survey questions and score higher than your opponent?

  • Love Tester
    Love Tester
    Played 105871 times

    Are you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!

  • Match Match Baby
    Match Match Baby
    Played 36822 times

    Wanna meet your future baby??

  • Who Is Your Celebrity Bestie?
    Who Is Your Celebrity Bestie?
    Played 9224 times

    Which celeb would make a great friend for you? Take this quiz to find out...

  • Get Your Boyfriend
    Get Your Boyfriend
    Played 12136 times

    Have you got what it takes to catch a man and keep a man? Put your skills to the test!

  • Logo quiz
    Logo quiz
    Played 27444 times

    How well do you know your brands? See if you can identify them from their logos in this quiz!

  • Animal Quiz
    Animal Quiz
    Played 23224 times

    How well can you spell the names of various animals? Get ready to give your vocabulary skills a workout with this fun quiz. Each one of its levels will test your knowledge while helping you improve your language abilities. You can probably spell “ant” but what about animals with longer names? It’s time to find out!

  • Daily Fortune Teller
    Daily Fortune Teller
    Played 26248 times

    Have your fortune told every day, with palm-reading, crystal balls, lucky charms, and more!

  • Boyfriend Today
    Boyfriend Today
    Played 47820 times

    So many boys, so little time...

  • Dial for Love 2
    Dial for Love 2
    Played 21878 times

    Love is in the air…but only if you’ve got enough phone bling!

  • Dreamhouse Quiz
    Dreamhouse Quiz
    Played 15606 times

    Punky-pink mansion or breezy bungalow on the beach?

  • Love Tester Deluxe
    Love Tester Deluxe
    Played 44022 times

    Are you and your crush a match? Test your names, zodiac signs, and birthdays to see!

  • Little Fairies Quiz
    Little Fairies Quiz
    Played 22752 times
  • 7 Dates: Second Date
    7 Dates: Second Date
    Played 26758 times

    So many cute guys to choose from! Can you sweet-talk yourself a fun date with one of them?

  • Professor Holiday
    Professor Holiday
    Played 24357 times

    Pack your bags in pursuit of the perfect vacation!

  • My Dog Quiz
    My Dog Quiz
    Played 22622 times

    Take the test to find your perfect pooch!

  • Poll: Harry Potter
    Poll: Harry Potter
    Played 5002 times
  • The Girlfriend Quiz
    The Girlfriend Quiz
    Played 1553 times

    A question for the ages…but we've got your answer here.

  • Super Girls Elements Quiz
    Super Girls Elements Quiz
    Played 8761 times
  • The Ultimate Quiz Game
    The Ultimate Quiz Game
    Played 24955 times

    The Ultimate Quiz game brings the most cool parts of taking a quiz but with a better twist and way more fun! Have fun, be cool and smart! Pick the right answers, recognize celebrities, test your knowledge about cars, logos and cartoons. All this fun packed on the real Ultimate Quiz Game! Have fun and test your knowledge about popular topics on this addictive quiz game!

  • Famous Date Quiz
    Famous Date Quiz
    Played 41632 times

    Who's your sizzling celeb sweetheart?

  • What Famous Cat Are You?
    What Famous Cat Are You?
    Played 24992 times

    Are you like Maru? Or more like Grumpy Cat? Find out with this fun quiz!

  • Office Animals
    Office Animals
    Played 6694 times

    Are you in an animalistic mood today?

  • Lost Puppy
    Lost Puppy
    Played 32669 times

    Oh no! This poor Lost Puppy is all alone and needs you to keep him company. Make friends with this adorable pup as you play mini-games together in this fun adventure game!

  • Outfits Today: What to Wear Today?
    Outfits Today: What to Wear Today?
    Played 28596 times

    You tell us how you feel...we'll tell you what to wear!

  • Hair Quiz
    Hair Quiz
    Played 7674 times

    Take this test and find out which ‘do is the best one for you.

  • The Dress Quiz
    The Dress Quiz
    Played 8038 times

    Having problems deciding what to wear? Take the Dress Quiz to help you decide!

  • What Candy Are You?
    What Candy Are You?
    Played 7799 times

    Perky peppermint or tangy taffy?

  • My Super Boyfriend
    My Super Boyfriend
    Played 5418 times

    Your own personal superhero is just a phone call away!

  • Deal or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal
    Played 38931 times

    Choose a suitcase and find out if you’re about to win a virtual fortune.

  • Smoothie Quiz
    Smoothie Quiz
    Played 14890 times

    Try not to drool when you discover your super-sweet smoothie treat!

  • Ponies in the City
    Ponies in the City
    Played 55648 times

    What's your inner pony, city girl?

  • Princess Quiz
    Princess Quiz
    Played 17349 times

    Ever wanted to know what type of princess you are? Here's your chance to find out.

  • Love Tester Deluxe 2
    Love Tester Deluxe 2
    Played 18380 times

    Are you and your crush meant to be? The answer is in the stars!

  • What Kind Of Girl Are You?
    What Kind Of Girl Are You?
    Played 38685 times

    What type of girl are you? Take this fun quiz and discover the answer.

  • Shoes Quiz
    Shoes Quiz
    Played 5406 times

    Open-toed pumps or sensible sneakers? This quiz's shoe IQ is off the charts!

    • Magic Mirror: Who Are You Today?
      Magic Mirror: Who Are You Today?
      Played 5977 times

      Let the mirror reveal what it sees in you today...

    • Super Girl Quiz
      Super Girl Quiz
      Played 5046 times
    • My Daily Tarot
      My Daily Tarot
      Played 1489 times

      Have to make a tough decision? Wondering about the future? Get a new reading every day!

    • The Beauty Quiz
      The Beauty Quiz
      Played 17470 times

      Which beauty product are you? Take the quiz to find out!

    • Animals In The City 2
      Animals In The City 2
      Played 21495 times

      Find out your animal mood each day with all new animals!

    • Princess Personality Quiz
      Princess Personality Quiz
      Played 23642 times

      Which type of princess best represents your personality today? Let’s find out with this cool quiz.

    • The Handwriting Quiz
      The Handwriting Quiz
      Played 10876 times

      What does your handwriting say about you? Only one way to find out…

    • Cute Cultures
      Cute Cultures
      Played 4174 times

      What's your cute culture identity today?

    • Santa's Quiz
      Santa's Quiz
      Played 14316 times

      This festive Christmas quiz is tougher than it looks. Can you make it all the way to the end?

    • The Tattoo Quiz
      The Tattoo Quiz
      Played 8259 times

      Which tattoo is right for you?

    • Couple Compatibility
      Couple Compatibility
      Played 10272 times

      These two are totally meant for each other but they really need to figure out what to wear on their next date.

    • Which song relates to you?
      Which song relates to you?
      Played 2540 times

      Take a break from those action filled games for something more relaxing and fun. Find out which song relates to you and you’ll be surprised by what you find!