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Draw To Smash!

Draw To Smash! is a logic puzzle in which you have to draw the right shapes to drop on top of the bad eggs. Can you smash them all?

How to play Draw To Smash?

Use the mouse or your finger to draw a shape in the brown box with grid lines. The moment you stop drawing, the shape you’ve created will turn to steel and drop straight down. Can you make the shape hit all of the bad eggs?

As you progress through the levels, new elements will be introduced. Use moving platforms, wheels, and other items to smash hard-to-reach eggs. And make sure to spare any good eggs that appear in later levels.

You can also unlock 10 tricky challenge levels via the main menu.

Note that you can only draw one shape per turn, so think carefully to figure out what shape will do the job. Remember, to complete each level, you must crack all of the bad eggs. If you made a mistake, tap R or the replay button to try again. 

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Who created Draw To Smash!

Draw To Smash! was created by Momo Games. 

When was Draw To Smash! first released?

This game was first released on April 3, 2024.