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Body Race

Can you help the girl achieve her goals in Body Race Online? Own the runway in any shape or size, and race to the finish to collect a series of brand new outfits. You’ll need to collect food and fitness equipment as you move toward the finish, cause marching down the runway like a pro costs energy. Try to grab the items that will help you meet your targets!

How to Play Body Race Online?

This girl wants to collect all of the outfits waiting for her in a glass box just beyond the finish in this 3D platform game. Strutting along the obstacle course and picking up the fitness gear will make her lose weight, while gathering food will allow her to gain weight. Collect a balanced mix of cucumbers, hamburgers, broccoli, ice cream sundaes, and fitness gear along the way.

Cross the finish line to tally up your points. With each run, you can slowly lift the glass box that stands between you and your newest outfit. Or just smash the glass and grab it. Either way, those outfits will be yours! How you celebrate beauty is up to you in this online game.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move left or right.

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Who Developed Body Race Online?

Body Race Online was created by YAD.