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Muscle Race 3D

Muscle Race 3D is a funny obstacle course arcade game in which you will need to pack on some muscle mass to shift the barriers and cross the swimming lanes and running tracks.

How to play Muscle Race 3D?

In this 3D game, your objective is to reach the finish first. Each player starts with a skinny guy who isn’t big and strong enough to deal with the obstacles. Collect the dumbbells to pack on the pounds.

When you’ve collected enough muscle mass, you can start swimming, running, or pushing the obstacles out of the way to reach the next area of the track. Each exertion will take a physical toll: your bodybuilder will start losing mass again.

Run back to collect more weights and gain size again. Keep working your way toward the finish by maintaining or regaining your muscle mass.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to direct the character across the obstacle course, or slide your finger over the screen to move your character.

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Who created Muscle Race 3D?

Muscle Race 3D was created by BestGames.