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Mad Medicine

Mad Medicine is an endless runner game in which you have to help your accident-prone runner get well enough to compete in a race against a number of other runners who have also seen better times.

How to play Mad Medicine?

Your runner must have two left feet, because he’s very badly injured, wrapped in bandages from head to toe and confined to a wheelchair. Pick up the first-aid kits on the obstacle course and check in with the cute nurses for a booster shot. Each medical intervention will improve your health.

When the bar is full your character’s recovery will move to a new stage, increasing his mobility. But watch out for the many traps and barriers strewn across the path. Stepping on a bar trap or a garden rake, or getting hit by a car will set your recovery back again!

Game Controls

Use the mouse to control your character.

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Who created Mad Medicine?

Mad Medicine was created by Lipsar Studio.

When was Mad Medicine first released?

This game was first released on December 14, 2023.