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Don't Jeopardize This

Show off your trivia skills in Don’t Jeopardize This! How much virtual cash will you earn in this online game that was inspired by Jeopardy?

If you're a big fan of the American game show, you'll love this challenging quiz game. Find out how much you really know about topics ranging from geography to history.

There's also lots of questions about sports, holidays, and the animal kingdom. Even better? You won’t encounter any bickering over whether the replacement for former host Alex Trebek should be Mayim Bialik, Mike Richards, or LeVar Burton!

How to Play Don't Jeopardize This?

Prove that you know tons of stuff about all sorts of random subjects in this online trivia game. Click on an answer for each question to win lots of virtual money, but watch out! You’ll only get a few seconds to select the correct one. Each wrong answer will deduct cash from your earnings.  Can you make it all the way to the final round?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select categories and answers.

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Who Developed Don't Jeopardize This?

Don't Jeopardize This was created by MarketJS.