Brain Games

  • Maplewood Junior High 2
    Maplewood Junior High 2
    Played 1785 times

    Erikka is about to begin another shift at Maplewood but there’s a crisis. The coffee machine in the teacher’s lounge is broken! Help her fix it and have a great day in this point and click game.

  • Don't Cross the Line
    Don't Cross the Line
    Played 1010 times

    Connect all of these lines but make sure that you don’t cross them...

  • Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Played 9825 times

    Beat the crazy internet memes at their own game in this baffling adventure!

  • Logo quiz
    Logo quiz
    Played 13542 times

    How well do you know your brands? See if you can identify them from their logos in this quiz!

  • Wheely 3
    Wheely 3
    Played 1434 times

    Puzzle your way through these automobile adventures to win the heart of the lady car of your dreams!

  • Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
    Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 6225 times

    A new puzzle every day! Compete for the daily high score, or just relax and have fun.

  • Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope
    Played 10924 times

    Sometimes there's just no alternative: you have to cut the rope.

  • Noughts and Crosses
    Noughts and Crosses
    Played 10602 times

    Can you beat the computer in this online version of the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe? Step up to the virtual chalkboard and see how many rounds you can win.

  • Disaster Will Strike 3
    Disaster Will Strike 3
    Played 2390 times

    You can’t save a planet without breaking a few eggs…that’s how the saying goes, right?

  • 2020!
    Played 8358 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Rio spin puzzle
    Rio spin puzzle
    Played 1394 times

    Spin the tiles so that the picture it is meant to show comes into perfect view in this fun new game for kids of all ages, Rio Spin Puzzle! Perfect for family fun, too!

  • Snail Bob 3
    Snail Bob 3
    Played 13924 times

    HELP! Snail Bob is in a hot spot—the desert. You gotta get him out!

  • Milionaire Quiz
    Milionaire Quiz
    Played 4974 times

    Will you go home with a million virtual dollars or jack squat after you play this exciting quiz game? Carefully answer each question. If you get stuck, you can phone a friend or remove half of the answers from the board.

  • Magic Pencil
    Magic Pencil
    Played 676 times

    Can you keep this brave interstellar explorer on the right track in this challenging online game? He’s using a series of wormholes while he heads back to his planet. He’ll need you to create a path for him in each one of these challenging levels while he collects stars on his way back home.

  • Drop me
    Drop me
    Played 3548 times

    Drop Me is a colorful cute puzzle game for young and old. It is your aim to help cute creatures to climb into their tubes! Colorful graphics, sweet sound, lovable characters and challenges. Have fun with Drop Me!

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 115230 times

    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

  • Trap Mouse
    Trap Mouse
    Played 1390 times

    Place the cheese strategically in order to lure the mice into the traps and exterminate them!

  • Ultimate Butterfly Puzzle
    Ultimate Butterfly Puzzle
    Played 827 times

    Assemble and piece together the most beautiful jigsaw puzzles of exotic butterflies for endless puzzle playing fun!

  • Hatch the Unicorn
    Hatch the Unicorn
    Played 1502 times
  • Brain Doctor
    Brain Doctor
    Played 6430 times

    Each one of these patients needs an important operation. Are you up for the challenge? If so, join them in the operating room and get ready to perform surgery on their brains in this wild and crazy medical simulation game.

  • Hex FRVR
    Hex FRVR
    Played 7337 times

    Can you find spots for each one of these patterns in this challenging puzzle game? It's a bit tricky...

  • Saving the Library
    Saving the Library
    Played 2282 times

    Virginia, Kevin, and a group of volunteers are determined to prevent a beloved local library from closing its doors. Their town’s mayor is determined to shut it down forever. Join them while they fight to save the historic institution in this hidden objects game.

  • Way to the Stars
    Way to the Stars
    Played 952 times

    This adorable alien is out of fuel and stuck on our planet. Could you help him get back home?

  • Cut the Rope: Time Travel
    Cut the Rope: Time Travel
    Played 3783 times

    Join Om Nom on a fun trip through the ages while he finds lots of yummy candy for his ancestors.

  • Princess Juliet: Restaurant Escape
    Princess Juliet: Restaurant Escape
    Played 2163 times

    An earthquake hit a restaurant Princess Juliet was invited to for a dinner party. Can you help her and Koobs escape the restaurant with fun clues and puzzles?

  • Baby Whale Rescue
    Baby Whale Rescue
    Played 2413 times

    Baby whales are stranded on the beach! Rescue them by giving these cute baby whales access to sea water.

  • Medieval Life
    Medieval Life
    Played 2155 times

    In the land of magical creatures and alchemy a princess is imprisoned in the tower. Your mission is to find the right ending to medieval life as your choices determines different outcomes. Can you find the right solution and combination of images to unlock a happy ending in this fun puzzle game?

  • 10x10
    Played 6637 times
  • Dream Farm Link
    Dream Farm Link
    Played 1137 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

  • Bob the Robber
    Bob the Robber
    Played 2839 times

    Can you get in and out without being caught?

  • Piece of Pie
    Piece of Pie
    Played 6636 times

    Match the symbols in order to combine them into a new symbol. Keep going before the grid fills up!

  • Snail Bob
    Snail Bob
    Played 30074 times

    Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

  • In and Out
    In and Out
    Played 2541 times

    Can you keep this squid safe as he dashes over and through each one of these circles?

  • Doodle History
    Doodle History
    Played 3262 times

    Can you make sense out of chaos? Align the lines and stripes to spell Doodle History. Your keen eye for architecture and perfect alignment will allow you to explore ancient, medieval and modern ways of viewing artsy creations with 48 levels to align! Get in line for amazing puzzle fun!

  • City Connect
    City Connect
    Played 3239 times

    Build, expand and create your own city by connecting the roads and important strategic buildings with the communal houses! Your layout and town planning skills will make it one of the best towns in the country!

  • Candy Pool
    Candy Pool
    Played 981 times

    Shoot candy of the same color into each other and collect stars along the way. You’ll need a good aim!