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Park Me

Park Me is a sorting puzzle in which you have to make the cars exit the cluttered parking lot without causing any damage. In addition, they can only leave in teams of three, so you’ll have to sort them by color as well.

How to play Park Me?

Remove the cars from the crowded lot. The cars can only drive straight ahead, so only select the ones that won’t crash into any other parked vehicles!

Each car you tap will speed away from the cluster and loop round to one of the five designated parking spots at the top of the screen. From there, collect three or the same kind to make the cars exit the lot altogether. Make sure you don’t run out of available slots!

Game Controls

  • Tap on a car to make it drive away.

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Who created Park Me?

Park Me was created by Hola Studio.

When was Park Me first released?

This game was first published on June 15, 2023.