Farming Games for Girls

  • Cute Farm Hospital
    Cute Farm Hospital
    Played 20308 times

    Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

  • Farm Frenzy 2
    Farm Frenzy 2
    Played 12462 times
  • Celtic Village
    Celtic Village
    Played 3173 times

    Put your peasants on different works, upgrade houses and get babies.

  • Ali at the Farm
    Ali at the Farm
    Played 4678 times

    There are so many fluffy, furry friends to find on the farm!

  • The Farmer
    The Farmer
    Played 6776 times

    Manage your farm by planting vegetables or fruit and selling chicken eggs.

  • Sue's Potato Farm
    Sue's Potato Farm
    Played 4075 times

    Can you fill these orders for fries from scratch?

  • Cowgal Dress Up
    Cowgal Dress Up
    Played 2828 times

    This country girl may know her way around the farm, but when it comes to fashion she hasn't got a clue!

  • 30 Days Honey
    30 Days Honey
    Played 830 times

    Cut the grass, plant the yard with flowers, build the bee houses and sell Mr Bee your own honey!

  • Plantasia
    Played 710 times

    Dig a hole, plant a seed, water it to make it grow and harvest it to get points.

  • My Daily Ranch
    My Daily Ranch
    Played 4129 times

    Step up for free-range fun on the farm!

  • Sue's Tomato Farm
    Sue's Tomato Farm
    Played 3233 times

    How many ketchup bottles can you fill on Sue's tomato farm?

  • My Wonderful Farm
    My Wonderful Farm
    Played 2514 times

    Can sowing seeds, watering plants, and harvesting crops be any fun? You can bet the farm on it!

  • Pou at the Farm
    Pou at the Farm
    Played 812 times

    Pou needs to get his chores done before he can have a fun-filled day down on the farm.

  • Farm Mania
    Farm Mania
    Played 4276 times
  • Princess Farm
    Princess Farm
    Played 652 times

    This princess is concerned about the farms in her kingdom. Help her clean them up and produce crops for the season.

  • Rosy Creativity: Farm Decoration
    Rosy Creativity: Farm Decoration
    Played 652 times

    This creative game is home to a whole barnyard full of decorating fun!

  • Happy Gardener
    Happy Gardener
    Played 1481 times

    Put your green thumbs to good use!

  • Youda Farmer
    Youda Farmer
    Played 2934 times

    The farm and the town depend on each other, and with your help both can prosper and grow!

  • Royal Twins: Cute Farm
    Royal Twins: Cute Farm
    Played 15306 times

    When you live off the land, everything is your responsibility, from cleaning up to growing the crops and taking care of the animals to making lunch and even your own clothes. Live close to nature in this adorable farming game with a Japanese accent.

  • Potted Herbs Farm
    Potted Herbs Farm
    Played 2980 times

    Can you help this friendly farmer create an awesome herb garden? Which type should she plant first?

  • Farmer Quest
    Farmer Quest
    Played 740 times
  • Growing For Life
    Growing For Life
    Played 474 times

    Look after your garden and water your plants to keep them alive.

  • The Gardener
    The Gardener
    Played 68 times

    This garden is about more than just tending plants--it's about turning a profit!

  • JoJo's Funny Farm Parade
    JoJo's Funny Farm Parade
    Played 78 times

    Lend JoJo a helping hand in rounding up all of the animals!

  • Farm Cow Dress Up
    Farm Cow Dress Up
    Played 81 times

    Give your farm mascot a look that'll make the other cows go moo with jealousy!