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Oceania is a multiplayer farming game in which you’ve washed up on a tropical island after a shipwreck. Cultivate the land and create a home so that you can build a new life for your survivor.

How to play Oceania?

You start this multiplayer simulation game by creating your own character. Once you’ve created an avatar, you can start by checking your Quest Journal. Here you’ll see the important tasks you’ll need to complete to build a home on the islands.

Search for items you can use, like sticks, rock, and strong grass you can weave together to make rope. Repair your raft, explore the nearby islands, dig fields to grow crops, and build yourself a workshop to create tools and cook food.

You can gift items to other players and unlock more parts of the main island by completing the tasks on your list.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play. Follow the arrows and tap on items to interact with them.

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Who created Oceania?

Oceania was created by Draugiem.