Wedding Dress Up Games

  • My Fairy Wedding
    My Fairy Wedding
    Played 18034 times

    This bride wants to have a fairy tale wedding. Let’s help her create a truly magical day.

  • Princesses Double Wedding
    Princesses Double Wedding
    Played 8287 times

    Wedding bells are ringing for these two princesses! Can you help them and their friend make sure that everything is ready for their big day? They’ll need help with decorations and their bridal gowns too in this dress up game.

  • Glam Bride Dress Up
    Glam Bride Dress Up
    Played 5543 times

    It’s the bride’s big day and she needs you to dress her up!

  • Vintage Bride Dress Up
    Vintage Bride Dress Up
    Played 3711 times

    This blushing bride is searching for a classic look for her big day. Have you got any fashion tips for her?

  • Royal Bride Dress Up
    Royal Bride Dress Up
    Played 3299 times

    When a royal gets married, every detail should be stunning.

  • Eliza and Princesses Wedding
    Eliza and Princesses Wedding
    Played 8556 times

    Eliza’s royal friends are helping her create a picture perfect wedding. Join them while they design their bridesmaids outfits and Eliza’s gown in this dress up game.

  • Ellie: Wedding Rush
    Ellie: Wedding Rush
    Played 3927 times

    Ellie’s wedding is just around the corner. Help her get ready on the double.

  • Bride Dress Up
    Bride Dress Up
    Played 2209 times

    Help this beautiful bride choose the best dress and accessories for the big day!

  • Make Me Over Wedding Edition
    Make Me Over Wedding Edition
    Played 17176 times

    Dress the happy couple in their wedding best! Watch the wear and tear meter!

  • Colorful Wedding Dress Up
    Colorful Wedding Dress Up
    Played 1564 times

    Pick one of those colorful wedding dresses for this happy bride.

  • Night Bride Dress Up
    Night Bride Dress Up
    Played 1034 times

    Dress this girl with the most beautiful wedding dress you can find!

  • Bridal Design Dress Up
    Bridal Design Dress Up
    Played 1009 times

    Elegant wedding or relaxed beach ceremony? You decide!

  • White Bride Dress Up
    White Bride Dress Up
    Played 1230 times

    Here comes the bride, all dressed in white!

  • Wedding Dress Up 3
    Wedding Dress Up 3
    Played 534 times

    Choose the best wedding dress for this bride-to-be!

  • My Perfect Wedding Bouquet Dress Up
    My Perfect Wedding Bouquet Dress Up
    Played 1547 times

    Look as fresh and pretty as a beautiful bouquet!

  • Bride and Groom Dress Up
    Bride and Groom Dress Up
    Played 1481 times

    Give this couple matching wedding outfits!

  • Funky Wedding Preparations
    Funky Wedding Preparations
    Played 1601 times

    This bride wants to have a wedding that’s a little bit quirky and totally unconventional. Help her and her bridesmaid create some funky dresses for the ceremony in this game for girls. They’ll need you to lend them a hand while they put on their makeup too.

  • Wedding Dress Up 2
    Wedding Dress Up 2
    Played 494 times

    Choose one of the wedding dresses for this beautiful bride.

  • Wedding at Sea Dress Up
    Wedding at Sea Dress Up
    Played 896 times

    With such a romantic boat wedding, your groom will feel like the king of the world!

  • Love Story Dress Up
    Love Story Dress Up
    Played 837 times

    Dress this romantic couple in the most beautiful clothing.

  • Marry Me Dress Up
    Marry Me Dress Up
    Played 1151 times

    The love of your life's already popped the question, so the only thing left to do is pick out a wedding dress!

  • Fairy Tale Bride Dress Up
    Fairy Tale Bride Dress Up
    Played 657 times

    This bride is searching for a wedding dress worthy of Sleeping Beauty herself. Can you help her design one?

  • Princess Arabian Wedding
    Princess Arabian Wedding
    Played 752 times
  • Bridesmaid Dress Up
    Bridesmaid Dress Up
    Played 1163 times

    The next big day is sure to be hers!

  • Spring Bride Dress Up
    Spring Bride Dress Up
    Played 769 times

    Put a spring in this bride's step—with pretty in pastels!

  • Stylish Wedding Dress Up
    Stylish Wedding Dress Up
    Played 488 times

    Here comes the bride, all dressed in white—and looking super stylish!

  • Sweet Wedding Dress Up
    Sweet Wedding Dress Up
    Played 495 times

    Something flowered, something new, something lacey, something blue…

  • Eliza Perfect Wedding
    Eliza Perfect Wedding
    Played 1282 times

    This young and most beautiful lady wants her marriage to be perfect, which is why she has come to you to help her pick the right makeup and clothing. Make this event special for her in Eliza Perfect Wedding.

  • Anime Bride Dress Up
    Anime Bride Dress Up
    Played 508 times

    Help turn Clara into a beautiful bride.

  • Valentine Bride Dress Up
    Valentine Bride Dress Up
    Played 677 times

    Spruce up this sweet bride for her Valentine nuptials!

  • Romantic Wedding Dress Up
    Romantic Wedding Dress Up
    Played 705 times

    Wedding bells are ringing for this cute bride. Help her look awesome for her big day.

  • Wedding Makeover
    Wedding Makeover
    Played 823 times

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something...

  • Wedding Party Dress Up
    Wedding Party Dress Up
    Played 123 times

    Who's the lucky guy who gets to marry this glam goddess???

  • Wedding Day Girl Dress Up
    Wedding Day Girl Dress Up
    Played 358 times

    The most important day of your life is about declaring your undying love...and undying fashion sense.

  • Pink Bride Dress Up
    Pink Bride Dress Up
    Played 381 times

    There can NEVER be too much pink.

  • White Robe Dress Up
    White Robe Dress Up
    Played 57 times

    Help this happy bride choose the most beautiful wedding dress of all!