Girls Games

  • The Fly Squad
    The Fly Squad
    Played 20883 times

    These fashionable girls are all searching for a whole new look. Help them create awesome outfits, pick out cool tattoos and much more in this totally fly makeover game.

  • Baby Care
    Baby Care
    Played 1386 times
  • PatchGirlz
    Played 3763 times

    Every patterned piece of cloth has its perfect place in these pretty pictures!

  • Pretty Cure 3
    Pretty Cure 3
    Played 9887 times

    Bad guys beware...the best-dressed crime fighters ever are on your case!

  • Baby Hobbies: Face Painting
    Baby Hobbies: Face Painting
    Played 957 times

    Try out some fun face paints with this terrific tyke.

  • Feline Cub Maker
    Feline Cub Maker
    Played 11415 times

    Dress up these adorable felines in this cute game made for girls, Feline Cub Maker. Choose from a variety of options to create your own special feline!

  • Girl Rush
    Girl Rush
    Played 1668 times

    Collect all the lipsticks and make-up as you race through the hills in your car!

  • Romeo Wherefore Art Thou?
    Romeo Wherefore Art Thou?
    Played 1959 times

    Can Romeo win over Juliet's heart, or will this story end in tragedy?

  • Boarder XL
    Boarder XL
    Played 2808 times

    The "XL" stands for "extra large." As in "air." Catch it, dude.

  • Princesses Winter Trip
    Princesses Winter Trip
    Played 31203 times

    These three princesses could use a break from all of this cold winter weather. They want to take a trip to somewhere really exciting in this dress up and travel game. Help them choose some great outfits before they decide to go to Paris, Tokyo or Istanbul.

  • Fafu the Ostrich RPG
    Fafu the Ostrich RPG
    Played 1660 times

    Pull your head out of the sand, Fafu the Ostrich! There are heroic deeds to be done!

  • Dial for Love
    Dial for Love
    Played 47461 times

    Dial up your dream date—he's just a phone call away!

  • Princesses Chic House Party
    Princesses Chic House Party
    Played 12571 times

    This princess is hosting a house party but she’ll need some help getting everything ready. Can you make sure that she finds all the items on her shopping list at the grocery store? She’ll also need some help with choosing a theme and decorating her living room in this game for girls.

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 5576 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • Super Mom
    Super Mom
    Played 1506 times

    That mom next door thinks she's sooooo much more super at being a mom than you. Prove her wrong!

  • Professor Purse
    Professor Purse
    Played 14615 times

    What's your purse-onality type?

  • Mermaid Scene Maker
    Mermaid Scene Maker
    Played 9033 times

    Create a majestic underwater scene in this fun makeover game. Dress up a mermaid and her boyfriend. You can also add a few friendly dolphins and even a turtle or two.

  • Sailor Moon Creator
    Sailor Moon Creator
    Played 11948 times

    Sailor Moon and her magical friends could really use a few new outfits...

  • Beach Flirting Game
    Beach Flirting Game
    Played 24548 times

    How many beach-bound boy slaves can this babe collect?

  • Slime Maker
    Slime Maker
    Played 271115 times

    It’s slime time! Grab all of the virtual ingredients you’ll need along with a bowl to put them in. Can you create some slime that looks super gross and super cool too?

  • Without Heels
    Without Heels
    Played 24541 times

    Get ready for a virtual trip to one of Japan’s coolest shoe shops. Each one of these customers has a pair of high heels that need to be altered. They’re too tall and hard to walk around in. Grab the hammer and knock each one of the shoes down to size but be careful. The customers are still wearing them and you can’t knock them over in this physics-based game.

  • Dino Dig
    Dino Dig
    Played 3188 times

    Unearth amazing fossils just the way real archaeologists do: step by step and very, very carefully!

  • Patchworkz!
    Played 4470 times

    Solve the puzzle and complete the patchwork with the given pieces.

  • Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Played 11063 times

    This cute little mama pig is pregnant and as her farmer, it's up to you to make sure that her new babies will be healthy. Look after both her and the babies in this animal care game, Pregnant Pig New Babies.

  • Match Match Baby
    Match Match Baby
    Played 30083 times

    Wanna meet your future baby??

  • Chibi Maker
    Chibi Maker
    Played 71168 times

    They’re lovable, they’re huggable, and now they’re headed for your computer screen!

  • Super Babysitter
    Super Babysitter
    Played 8083 times

    Can you keep the baby madness under control until the parents return?

  • Daycare Nurse
    Daycare Nurse
    Played 1484 times

    Help this little nurse take care of all the babies as efficiently as possible!

  • From Geeky to Popular
    From Geeky to Popular
    Played 218425 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • The Great Kitchen Escape
    The Great Kitchen Escape
    Played 1737 times

    Explore the kitchen, search for items and escape!

  • Water Queen Dress Up
    Water Queen Dress Up
    Played 12444 times

    The mysterious water queen is the stuff of folklore and legend. What do you think she looks like?

  • Modern Christmas Girls
    Modern Christmas Girls
    Played 2045 times

    These girls are searching for a perfect and modern look for the holidays.

  • Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Played 9521 times
  • Princesses Winter: School Look Book
    Princesses Winter: School Look Book
    Played 9771 times

    These princesses are looking for tons of awesome outfits for winter term. Tag along with them while they go in search of comfy sweaters and cool stocking caps. They also want to show off their new stuff in their wintertime look book. Could you take some photos for them too?

  • Sisters Love Pursuit
    Sisters Love Pursuit
    Played 30756 times

    These sisters have major crushes on two of the hottest boys in their school. Join them while they try to win their hearts on their favorite social media sites. They’ll need your help with editing some photos and figuring out what kind of stickers to add to them in this romantic simulation game.

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 35660 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!