Cooking Games

  • Cake Bar
    Cake Bar
    Played 2273 times

    Let them eat cake...caramel nut cake.

  • Salad Bar
    Salad Bar
    Played 1162 times

    Salads are the new burgers...

  • Kiki Banana and Blueberry Pancakes
    Kiki Banana and Blueberry Pancakes
    Played 1205 times

    Just kidding! What should I make now? Ummmmm..... I know! How about some delicious pancakes?

  • Yummy Cookie Decoration
    Yummy Cookie Decoration
    Played 651 times

    That's one cute cookie!

  • Little Cupcake Maker
    Little Cupcake Maker
    Played 632 times

    This young baker knows everything there is to know about making cupcakes. Join her in the kitchen while she whips up some of these tasty treats. You can help her make the batter, put the cupcakes in the oven and much more.

  • Heavenly sweet donuts
    Heavenly sweet donuts
    Played 3346 times
  • Cooking With Emma: Zucchini Spaghetti
    Cooking With Emma: Zucchini Spaghetti
    Played 1411 times

    You know what’s totally awesome? Spaghetti! Join Emma while she makes some in her kitchen.

  • Luscious Lemon Cake
    Luscious Lemon Cake
    Played 572 times

    Try this tart 'n' tangy treat!

  • Addicted to Dessert: Cheesecake Donuts
    Addicted to Dessert: Cheesecake Donuts
    Played 2365 times

    Have you got a sweet tooth? Then head to the kitchen and whip up a batch of these delightful doughnuts!

  • Choco Romance Today
    Choco Romance Today
    Played 1482 times

    Chocolate and romance: perfect partners!

  • Sofia Cooking: Princess Cake
    Sofia Cooking: Princess Cake
    Played 1048 times

    Making one of these elaborate cakes is a bit difficult but it’ll be a snap with Sofia helping you out. The famous chef will make sure that you have all of the ingredients and other stuff you need to make this gorgeous, and super yummy, dessert. Head with her to the supermarket to begin your baking adventure in this educational cooking game.

  • Love Chef
    Love Chef
    Played 1233 times

    Decorate and bake this dinner date into an unforgettable occasion!

  • Java Kitchen
    Java Kitchen
    Played 878 times

    Learn about Indonesia while cooking some Indolicious food.

  • Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Played 765 times

    Having pancakes for breakfast is the best! Find out how to make them in this fun cooking game now.

  • Ice Cream Decoration
    Ice Cream Decoration
    Played 984 times

    Wow the world with your ice-cold creations.

  • Smoothielicious
    Played 534 times


  • Buffalo Wing Bash
    Buffalo Wing Bash
    Played 552 times

    Baste and bake your way to delightfully delicious buffalo chicken wings!

  • Red Riding Hood Adventures
    Red Riding Hood Adventures
    Played 606 times

    Red’s heading to her grandma’s house, but first she needs to bake a cake...

  • Emma's Recipes: Blueberry Pie
    Emma's Recipes: Blueberry Pie
    Played 523 times

    Make fireworks this 4th of July with some berrylicious blueberry pie!

  • Cute Coffee Shop
    Cute Coffee Shop
    Played 602 times

    Girls, now you can have your very own coffee shop! Design the interior and do the decor to attract as many clients as possible.

  • Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Played 576 times

    Dish out some delicious dinner—medieval style!

  • Pollys Burger Cafe
    Pollys Burger Cafe
    Played 1187 times

    Polly has another great idea! Help him take care of his Burger Cafe to earn money and keep the customers happy! That's an order for food making fun!

  • Burger Restaurant
    Burger Restaurant
    Played 3431 times

    Make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top! There are 3 different restaurants.

  • Cinnamon Roll Brunch
    Cinnamon Roll Brunch
    Played 600 times

    Whip up some cinnamon rolls for the best brunch ever!

  • Ice Cream Bar
    Ice Cream Bar
    Played 1166 times

    There's nothing better on a hot summer day...

  • Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Played 965 times

    Get ready to have some fun with Kiki as you prepare a delicious dessert in this exciting cooking game!

  • FingerCook: Carrot Cake
    FingerCook: Carrot Cake
    Played 1094 times

    How quickly can you bake one of these super yummy desserts?

  • Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe
    Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe
    Played 570 times

    Candy colors and plenty of whipped cream = the dessert of your dreams!

  • Raisin Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
    Raisin Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 6178 times

    This new treat from Sara is super sweet and super sticky!

  • Carrot Cake Shindig
    Carrot Cake Shindig
    Played 723 times

    Whip up a heavenly icing for your scrumptious carrot cake!

  • Colorful Cupcake
    Colorful Cupcake
    Played 719 times

    Cupcakes are my favorite dessert to bake because you can make each one special!

  • Scrumptious Chestnut Stuffing
    Scrumptious Chestnut Stuffing
    Played 914 times

    Surprise stuffing haters by adding scrumptious chestnuts to the mix!

  • Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 5174 times

    Whip up a delish dessert for dad on Father’s Day!

  • Wedding Cake Design
    Wedding Cake Design
    Played 937 times

    Get your frosting bags ready—you've got the perfect dress, now you need the perfect cake...

  • La Pâtisserie
    La Pâtisserie
    Played 632 times

    Ratatello’s cheesy restaurant is crawling with mice—who pay good money to eat there!

  • Cake Master
    Cake Master
    Played 1390 times

    Do you love baking? Would you like to learn how to decorate the perfect birthday cake? If you answered “yes” to these questions then this is the free cooking game for you!

    • Fairy Café
      Fairy Café
      Played 992 times

      Betty the fairy has just opened a pretty little cafe! Can you help her keep the fairy customers happy?

    • Betty's eatery
      Betty's eatery
      Played 1462 times

      You’ve got lots of hungry customers! Can you take their orders, make their food and earn a profit?

    • Cooking Academy: Burger
      Cooking Academy: Burger
      Played 1178 times

      This girl is learning how to cook burgers today. Let’s make sure that she has everything she needs...

    • Burger Diner: Cook & Create
      Burger Diner: Cook & Create
      Played 1385 times

      Make a mouth-watering burger masterpiece!

    • Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
      Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 5358 times

      What’s Sara working on this time? A delicious and nutritious treat from the sea!

    • Decorate a Birthday Cake
      Decorate a Birthday Cake
      Played 938 times

      Send your friend a birthday wish!

    • Cooking With Love
      Cooking With Love
      Played 1262 times

      Making the perfect meal begins with picking out the perfect outfit.

    • Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Played 2019 times

      Join Ellie in her kitchen while she puts lots of cute stuff on this gingerbread house.

    • Muffin Rush
      Muffin Rush
      Played 650 times

      There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked muffins with tasty toppings!

    • Kitchen Slacking
      Kitchen Slacking
      Played 25789 times

      Sarah loves to cook, but sometimes she just wants to slack off! Make sure she doesn't get caught in this fun casual game, Kitchen Slacking.

    • Rolf's Pizza Making Game
      Rolf's Pizza Making Game
      Played 942 times

      With the pizza parlor in your hands, will you get the promotion or the sack??

    • Emma's Recipes: Chicken Parmesan
      Emma's Recipes: Chicken Parmesan
      Played 541 times

      Appease your appetite with authentic flavor!