Cooking Games

  • Wedding Cake Decoration
    Wedding Cake Decoration
    Played 1485 times

    This wedding cake is ready. Wait, no it isn’t! Get some frosting and decorations on it and fast!

  • Dede Burger Fun
    Dede Burger Fun
    Played 2580 times

    Even princesses love a good cheeseburger. Join Dede in her kitchen while she makes one that’s downright royal in this delightful cooking game.

  • Cooking With Love
    Cooking With Love
    Played 803 times

    Making the perfect meal begins with picking out the perfect outfit.

  • Baby Trick or Treat
    Baby Trick or Treat
    Played 1123 times

    Carving the perfect jack o’ lantern isn’t easy. Where should Baby start with her own pumpkin?

  • Baby Tea Party
    Baby Tea Party
    Played 1637 times

    This is gonna be the best tea party ever but what should the hostess serve her guests?

  • Birthday Cake Cooking
    Birthday Cake Cooking
    Played 1218 times

    Head to the kitchen and get ready to bake the perfect cake. Don't forget the frosting!

  • Cooking With Emma: Baked Apples
    Cooking With Emma: Baked Apples
    Played 3398 times

    Emma’s celebrating the holidays with this delicious recipe. Join her in the kitchen, won’t you?

  • Classic Chicken Curry
    Classic Chicken Curry
    Played 1021 times

    Tempt your tastebuds with scads of savory spice!

  • Baby Emma Cooking Lesson
    Baby Emma Cooking Lesson
    Played 2016 times

    Baby Emma is hungry and you can help to teach her how to prepare the most delicious hearty soup to chase away the winter chills! Follow simple instructions and enjoy the tastiest recipes with little Emma!

  • Cooking With Emma: Chocolate Biscuits
    Cooking With Emma: Chocolate Biscuits
    Played 5918 times

    Emma is making some totally tasty biscuits today but she needs your help.

  • Fluff Fluff Away
    Fluff Fluff Away
    Played 685 times

    Fluffy pancakes! Make the batter, ladle it into the pan. Now wait...and now flip it! Add yummy toppings too!

  • Emma's Recipes: Sponge Cake
    Emma's Recipes: Sponge Cake
    Played 1116 times

    So temptingly tasty, you'll be coming back for seconds...and thirds.

  • Tina's Chocolates
    Tina's Chocolates
    Played 703 times

    Tina’s desserts are the best around...but she could use some help with her next batch of sugary sensations.

  • Perfect Wedding Cake Decoration
    Perfect Wedding Cake Decoration
    Played 1019 times

    Every part of this amazing triple-layer wedding cake can be customized. Even the bride and groom on the top!

  • Little Dessert Cakes
    Little Dessert Cakes
    Played 1314 times

    With a little practice, decorating yummy pastries is a piece of cake!

  • Cooking With Emma: Pizza Margherita
    Cooking With Emma: Pizza Margherita
    Played 6694 times

    This type of veggie pizza is really delicious. Help Emma bake one in her kitchen.

  • Kite Cake
    Kite Cake
    Played 709 times

    Help Jacob’s mom make a super yummy cake that looks just like a kite!

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    Fast Food Restaurant
    Played 1531 times

    To own your own fast food joint is no easy task! Serve burgers, hot dogs and cooling drinks your important customers want without letting them wait too long. If they leave they will spread the word and will never return. You have just what it takes to bring back the 'fast' in Fast Food without serving junk, right?

  • Ratatouille Pizza
    Ratatouille Pizza
    Played 1003 times

    Here’s how you can make a pizza pie that’s totally tasty and wonderfully wild.

  • Rolf's Pizza Making Game
    Rolf's Pizza Making Game
    Played 1396 times

    With the pizza parlor in your hands, will you get the promotion or the sack??

  • Kitchen Slacking
    Kitchen Slacking
    Played 21173 times

    Sarah loves to cook, but sometimes she just wants to slack off! Make sure she doesn't get caught in this fun casual game, Kitchen Slacking.

  • Pizza Pronto 2
    Pizza Pronto 2
    Played 712 times
  • Cake Master
    Cake Master
    Played 1591 times

    Do you love baking? Would you like to learn how to decorate the perfect birthday cake? If you answered “yes” to these questions then this is the free cooking game for you!

  • Cup Cake Time
    Cup Cake Time
    Played 4079 times

    Molly and Cleo are making delicious desserts in their kitchen today but they could really use an assistant...

  • Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Played 871 times

    Get ready to have some fun with Kiki as you prepare a delicious dessert in this exciting cooking game!

  • Dolphin Restaurant
    Dolphin Restaurant
    Played 760 times

    Get the current of turtle customers under control to keep this underwater kitchen anchored!

  • Cookie Mania
    Cookie Mania
    Played 1900 times

    Make every Christmas cookie as different and unique as a snowflake in this fun decorating game!

  • How to Make Crazy Cupcakes
    How to Make Crazy Cupcakes
    Played 1555 times

    Make the best cupcakes with crazy decorations ever in this fun recipe and cooking game!

  • Tasty Turkey
    Tasty Turkey
    Played 6798 times

    Can you create a wonderful Thanksgiving meal? Join this chef in the kitchen and make sure the turkey is ready to be put in the oven before you help decorate a dining room table for his guests. You can also take some awesome photos of their picture perfect holiday in this Thanksgiving game.

  • Pizza Ninja 3
    Pizza Ninja 3
    Played 4088 times

    Can you slice it like a ninja? Grab your katana and earn the trophies and bonuses to be the ultimate pizza-slicing kitchen warrior!

  • Bakery Fun
    Bakery Fun
    Played 1434 times
  • Burger Restaurant Express
    Burger Restaurant Express
    Played 86140 times

    Things can get a little crazy at this burger joint, especially during lunch hour!

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Trifle
    Sara's Cooking Class: Trifle
    Played 24575 times

    Sara's whipping up a tasty trifle! Mmm...

  • Yummy Cookie Decoration
    Yummy Cookie Decoration
    Played 828 times

    That's one cute cookie!

  • Rats Cooking
    Rats Cooking
    Played 663 times

    Oh, my rat! These sewage-infected giant mutant rats taste perfect on the grill! Help the chef to catch and kill a smelly rat or two and collect the coins for a feast like no other. It's not a matter of taste, it's a matter of life and death. Eat or be eaten!

  • Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 6880 times

    Whip up a delish dessert for dad on Father’s Day!

    • Heavenly sweet donuts
      Heavenly sweet donuts
      Played 6282 times
    • Rie's Recipe: Devil's Food Cake
      Rie's Recipe: Devil's Food Cake
      Played 685 times

      Ignore the name, this devil's food cake is heavenly. And Rie’s going to show you how to make it, step by step!

    • Fifi's Chocolate Kitchen
      Fifi's Chocolate Kitchen
      Played 954 times

      Warning: playing this game may contribute to consuming large amounts of cocoa!

    • Italiano Pizza
      Italiano Pizza
      Played 1594 times

      You're overseas in Italy and enjoying the life and food there, but you feel as though something is missing... It's pizza! Why not make one of the most famous dishes ever created from the place where it came from! The steps are easy to learn and the result will be nothing other than an Italiano Pizza!

    • Welcome to My Birthday Party
      Welcome to My Birthday Party
      Played 702 times

      It's your birthday party, so you can decorate the table any way you want!

    • Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Ellie: Gingerbread House Decoration
      Played 3842 times

      Join Ellie in her kitchen while she puts lots of cute stuff on this gingerbread house.

    • Magic Bar
      Magic Bar
      Played 1130 times

      Abracadabra! Hocus pocus! Alakazam!

    • Yummy Ice Cream Decoration
      Yummy Ice Cream Decoration
      Played 892 times

      Whip up some ice cream to cool down after a hot day at the beach!

    • Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
      Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 7195 times

      What’s Sara working on this time? A delicious and nutritious treat from the sea!

    • Red Riding Hood Adventures
      Red Riding Hood Adventures
      Played 1254 times

      Red’s heading to her grandma’s house, but first she needs to bake a cake...

    • Tapas Dinner Table Decoration
      Tapas Dinner Table Decoration
      Played 689 times

      Taste a tempting tapas tablescape!

    • Big Burger Server
      Big Burger Server
      Played 1015 times

      Use your cool food machine to dish up burger after yummy burger!