Cooking Games

  • Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Played 522 times

    Having pancakes for breakfast is the best! Find out how to make them in this fun cooking game now.

  • Classic Chicken Curry
    Classic Chicken Curry
    Played 1040 times

    Tempt your tastebuds with scads of savory spice!

  • Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Fruit Cobbler: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3648 times

    Whip up a delish dessert for dad on Father’s Day!

  • Sushi no Suki
    Sushi no Suki
    Played 887 times

    Get ready for a deep plunge into the world of sushi making! Can you keep up?

  • Moshi Cupcakes
    Moshi Cupcakes
    Played 1218 times

    What sort of terrifyingly tasty treats await you in this cupcakery of doom?

  • Fast Food Bar
    Fast Food Bar
    Played 7987 times

    Fast, fab, and freaking delicious—it's no wonder fast food rakes in the big bucks!

  • Donut Bar
    Donut Bar
    Played 721 times

    Open wide and take a giant bite of chocolate-covered, deep-fried fun!

  • Cooking With Emma: Potato Salad
    Cooking With Emma: Potato Salad
    Played 1398 times

    Tag along with Emma as she prepares some super yummy potato salad for Christmas this year.

  • Cooking With Emma: Italian Tiramisu
    Cooking With Emma: Italian Tiramisu
    Played 1749 times

    What’s Emma baking today? It’s an awesome Italian dessert that’s totally vegan!

  • Baby Tea Party
    Baby Tea Party
    Played 844 times

    This is gonna be the best tea party ever but what should the hostess serve her guests?

  • Banana Split Pie: Sara's Cooking Class
    Banana Split Pie: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 12359 times

    Sara wants to cook something sweet today. Join her in the kitchen while she bakes this wonderful dessert.

  • Emma's Recipes: Sponge Cake
    Emma's Recipes: Sponge Cake
    Played 525 times

    So temptingly tasty, you'll be coming back for seconds...and thirds.

  • Youda Sushi Chef
    Youda Sushi Chef
    Played 1682 times

    The ultimate sushi-rolling, customer-pleasing, cash-collecting empire starts here!

  • Cooking With Emma: Zucchini Spaghetti
    Cooking With Emma: Zucchini Spaghetti
    Played 1220 times

    You know what’s totally awesome? Spaghetti! Join Emma while she makes some in her kitchen.

  • Cooking Academy: Burger
    Cooking Academy: Burger
    Played 1087 times

    This girl is learning how to cook burgers today. Let’s make sure that she has everything she needs...

  • Cup Cake Time
    Cup Cake Time
    Played 1022 times

    Molly and Cleo are making delicious desserts in their kitchen today but they could really use an assistant...

  • Heavenly sweet donuts
    Heavenly sweet donuts
    Played 2231 times
  • Master Cook Steaks
    Master Cook Steaks
    Played 756 times

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to prepare the perfect steak? Now you can with this free cooking game. It will walk you through each of the steps featured in a delicious recipe.

  • Decorate a Birthday Cake
    Decorate a Birthday Cake
    Played 773 times

    Send your friend a birthday wish!

  • Ice Cream Decoration
    Ice Cream Decoration
    Played 1121 times

    Wow the world with your ice-cold creations.

  • Butter and Raisin Buns
    Butter and Raisin Buns
    Played 714 times

    Learn how to make this sweet treat one step at a time with charming interactive graphics in this soothing cooking game with sesame seeds on top.

  • Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
    Maple Salmon: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 4067 times

    What’s Sara working on this time? A delicious and nutritious treat from the sea!

  • Coffee Bar
    Coffee Bar
    Played 1730 times

    I'd like a half-caf, triple-shot, non-fat latte with a cherry on top. Stat!

  • Cake Master
    Cake Master
    Played 1153 times

    Do you love baking? Would you like to learn how to decorate the perfect birthday cake? If you answered “yes” to these questions then this is the free cooking game for you!

  • Kiki Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
    Kiki Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
    Played 529 times

    I think I'll make some chocolate dipped strawberries for my family. So let's start!

  • Carrot Cake Shindig
    Carrot Cake Shindig
    Played 579 times

    Whip up a heavenly icing for your scrumptious carrot cake!

  • Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Played 626 times

    Dish out some delicious dinner—medieval style!

  • Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Kiki Raspberry Tart
    Played 785 times

    Get ready to have some fun with Kiki as you prepare a delicious dessert in this exciting cooking game!

  • Rolf's Pizza Making Game
    Rolf's Pizza Making Game
    Played 744 times

    With the pizza parlor in your hands, will you get the promotion or the sack??

  • Baby Juliet: Thanksgiving Dinner
    Baby Juliet: Thanksgiving Dinner
    Played 629 times

    Juliet is expecting lots of guests this Thanksgiving. Help her get all the stuff she needs for a fab dinner.

  • Puppy Pizza
    Puppy Pizza
    Played 551 times

    Your puppy is about to have his first birthday! Make him the perfect party pizzza to celebrate.

  • FingerCook: Carrot Cake
    FingerCook: Carrot Cake
    Played 1035 times

    How quickly can you bake one of these super yummy desserts?

  • Choco Valentine
    Choco Valentine
    Played 1246 times

    Bake a box of classic chocolates for your valentine!

  • Baby Boo: Cooking Big Burger
    Baby Boo: Cooking Big Burger
    Played 899 times

    Boo’s grilling up burgers for a get-together at her place but she could use a hand in the kitchen.

  • Java Kitchen
    Java Kitchen
    Played 706 times

    Learn about Indonesia while cooking some Indolicious food.

  • Cookie Mania
    Cookie Mania
    Played 591 times

    Make every Christmas cookie as different and unique as a snowflake in this fun decorating game!

    • Wedding Cake Decoration
      Wedding Cake Decoration
      Played 939 times

      This wedding cake is ready. Wait, no it isn’t! Get some frosting and decorations on it and fast!

    • Baby Emma Cooking Lesson
      Baby Emma Cooking Lesson
      Played 1711 times

      Baby Emma is hungry and you can help to teach her how to prepare the most delicious hearty soup to chase away the winter chills! Follow simple instructions and enjoy the tastiest recipes with little Emma!

    • Ratatouille Pizza
      Ratatouille Pizza
      Played 691 times

      Here’s how you can make a pizza pie that’s totally tasty and wonderfully wild.

    • The Perfect Wedding Cake
      The Perfect Wedding Cake
      Played 990 times

      The perfect bride needs the perfect wedding cake, so help her bake it in this exciting cooking game!

    • Homemade Ice Cream
      Homemade Ice Cream
      Played 682 times

      This girl is making ice cream in her kitchen today. Join her while she shops for the ingredients she needs.

    • Master Chef Slacking
      Master Chef Slacking
      Played 1874 times

      The world of competitive cooking can really get intense and this chef isn’t above cheating to win. Can you help her score a victory by destroying the work of Frank, her opponent? He’s very busy in the kitchen so he won’t notice her dumping tons of spices on Frank’s culinary labor of love. With your help, she’ll go home victorious in this wild cooking game.

    • Yummy Ice Cream Decoration
      Yummy Ice Cream Decoration
      Played 547 times

      Whip up some ice cream to cool down after a hot day at the beach!

    • Valentine's Shop
      Valentine's Shop
      Played 1628 times

      When you're a chocolate-shop owner named Valentine, Feb 14 is your time to shine!

    • Cooking show: Chicken Fried Rice
      Cooking show: Chicken Fried Rice
      Played 840 times

      Learn how to cook chicken fried rice and become the best chef in town with Cooking Show: Chicken fried Rice!

    • Cooking With Love
      Cooking With Love
      Played 1225 times

      Making the perfect meal begins with picking out the perfect outfit.

    • Cooking show: Breadrolls
      Cooking show: Breadrolls
      Played 819 times

      Learn cooking skills and earn points as you serve your customers the best bread rolls on the block!

    • Pizza Ninja 3
      Pizza Ninja 3
      Played 1697 times

      Can you slice it like a ninja? Grab your katana and earn the trophies and bonuses to be the ultimate pizza-slicing kitchen warrior!