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Egg Farm

Egg Farm is a fast-paced catching game with attractive graphics. Help the fox gobble up as many eggs as you can. Make sure you don’t drop any!

How to play Egg Farm?

Run back and forth underneath the lanes as the hens run to and fro. The hens will frequently drop eggs. Help the fox catch them by running to the right lane so that the eggs drop into his open mouth.

There are different bonus items to collect that will help you complete the levels. The magnet will suck the eggs into the fox’s gaping maw, for example, while another bonus item will temporarily give him an enormous jaw!

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to run right or left.

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Who created Egg Farm?

Egg Farm was created by TuuT.

When was Egg Farm first released?

This game was first released on January 18, 2024.