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Tiny Landlords

Have you got what it takes to become a real estate tycoon in Tiny Landlords? It's time to redesign an entire district in this city building game.

There's a large corner of this city that's in dire need of redevelopment. That's where you come in. Put your virtual urban design skills to the test while you play this simulation game. You'll need to decide where to put new apartment buildings, choose the best spots for new benches, and much more. There's also plenty of other things the district will need like lampposts, bike racks, and fire hydrants.

You'll need to keep track of your financial resources too, of course. Carefully monitor your cash flow and budget while you break ground on new projects. If you do a great job, the locals might even construct a statue in your honor!

How to Play Tiny Landlords?

The city in this management game might be tiny but it's got plenty of potential. See if you can turn a large and neglected district into one of the best residential communities in the country. You'll need to make important decisions about everything from recycling bins to the construction of entire buildings.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to start projects, make decisions, and more.

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Who Developed Tiny Landlords?

Tiny Landlords was created by PlayCade Interactive GmbH.