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Craft World - Building Games

Craft World is an open world sandbox game in which you can build and demolish to your heart’s content. Use the land, water, snow and other resources at your disposal to create houses, islands or other creative constructions.

How to play Craft World

In Craft World - Building Games you can walk around freely and mine the resources you need to create structures. When starting the game, you can select the biome you would like to start in, such as island, tundra, or mountain. The game will then generate a world especially for you.

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Use WASD to move around
  • Toggle F to fly, and use the spacebar to jump and fly higher
  • Press P to pause

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Who made Craft World?

This game was created by Knuckle Games.

When was Craft World released?

This sandbox builder was released in January 2023.