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Idle Craft 3D

It's time to get to work in Idle Craft 3D. This poor little guy's house was just destroyed in this fun and challenging online game! 

You’ll need to help him clear away the rubble that was once his home in this idle game. Thankfully, a helpful wizard is willing to give him some much needed advice. His neighbors will be willing to lend him a hand too, provided he pays them well! There's also a few village elders who can help keep an eye on them when he’s not around.

How to Play Idle Craft 3D?

A few asteroids just destroyed a house in this simulation game. Team up with its owner while he tries to build a bigger and better one. You'll have to help him earn cash while he hires workers and much more.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to activate workers, summon elders, and more!

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Who Developed Idle Craft 3D?

Idle Craft 3D was created by