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City Blocks

Show off your urban planning skills in City Blocks! It's a fun and totally addictive match 3 puzzle game that will put you in charge of an entire city.

You'll be designing the layout of a city, but your new job won't be an easy one. There isn't much space available for all the buildings you'll be constructing. How many of them can you cram into the spots available on the grid? Your goal is to make the population of the city as large as possible before you run out of room in this challenging simulation game.

How to Play City Blocks?

City Blocks is a unique puzzle game. Place different types of buildings on the grid. Once three identical buildings are beside each other, they’ll merge into a single new one. Larger buildings can house more residents. See how big you can make your new city before you run out of space.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to place a building on the grid.

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Who Developed City Blocks?

City Blocks was created by DevDude.