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Super Chicken Fly

The sky's the limit in Super Chicken Fly. Help this heroic hen learn how to soar the hard way in this totally crazy casual game.

She's pretty good at flying, but she can't get far on her own. That's why she's asked a farmer to help her out in this physics-based action game. Unfortunately, he'll be using some downright bizarre tactics to get her up into the air. Join this dynamic duo while they try to go the distance any which they can!

The hen can bounce off bovines along the way, which will help her gain a bit more ground. There's also lots of coins and diamonds she can collect during each one of her test flights. Be sure to trade those in for boosters and other stuff between levels.

How to Play Super Chicken Fly?

Super Chicken Fly is a high-flying and hilarious animal game. Help the farmer use different types of equipment to make a hen soar high over a field. How far will she get?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to hit the chicken.

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Who Developed Super Chicken Fly?

Super Chicken Fly was created by Kiz10.