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Birds vs Blocks

Collect as many birds as you can in the casual game Birds vs Blocks. Seek the road of least resistance as you crash through the blocks. 

This puzzle game requires dexterity and focus. Guide your line of little birds along the track. Add new birds to your line by picking up the dots with the highest numbers on them. 

How to Play Birds vs Blocks?

Rows of bricks will block your path. Here's where this skill game will put you through your paces: Each brick has a number on it, showing how many birds will have to be sacrificed in order to break through. Swerve and crash through the block with the lowest number. If you run out of birds, you’ll lose the game. 

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK and HOLD to move the birds
  • TOUCH the screen and SWIPE to move the birds.

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Who Developed Birds vs Blocks?

Birds vs Blocks was created by Freak X Apps.