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Idle Painter

What will you create in Idle Painter? Take control of the pens and discover if you can make a few truly marvellous masterpieces in this idle game.

There's 3D paintings of house pets, wildlife, trees, and more that you can work on in this unique clicker game. Each click will allow you to unlock a new feature or tool. You'll be able to earn additional pens, increase their widths, and even speed up how quickly they draw.

How to Play Idle Painter?

Idle Painter is a painting game that will allow you to manage the creation of a series of paintings. The pens will do all the work for you while you keep an eye on your resources and unlock additional items and abilities.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to unlock extra items and more.

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Who Developed Idle Painter?

Idle Painter was created by Aleksandr Zrelov.