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Meow Meow Life

Meow Meow Life is a pet game in which you can feed, wash, and care for a cute and fluffy cat. You can also play a number of different minigames to earn coins and other in-game rewards.

How to play Meow Meow Life?

In this pet simulator cat game, you get to take care of your own kitten. You’ll need to feed your cat and play with it, wash your pet and check whether it needs any medicine. Each day, you can collect rewards for your cat, such as little fish snacks and cat toys.

Minigames include a cat-themed mahjong connect game, 2048 with cats, and a fun game in which you have to jump over bouncing balls of yarn while the cat sleeps.

Use the arrows to explore the house and see what other activities you can find.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play
  • Tap on the cat in the left corner to check your task list

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Who created Meow Meow Life?

Meow Meow Life was created by GameLoft.