Dress Up Games

  • Celebrity Look Challenge
    Celebrity Look Challenge
    Played 116957 times

    All of these celebs totally love fashion! Can you recreate some of their coolest and most famous outfits in this makeover game?

  • The Fly Squad
    The Fly Squad
    Played 18180 times

    These fashionable girls are all searching for a whole new look. Help them create awesome outfits, pick out cool tattoos and much more in this totally fly makeover game.

  • Princess Wedding Fashion Week
    Princess Wedding Fashion Week
    Played 53141 times

    Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas are each participating in Fashion Week. Help them choose some awesome outfits in this dress up game before they go to their next photo shoot.

  • Pretty Cure 2
    Pretty Cure 2
    Played 9524 times

    A warrior’s work is never done. What outfits should the Pretty Cure girls wear during their next adventure?

  • Bridal Boutique
    Bridal Boutique
    Played 14152 times

    It’s that time in your life when you get dressed for your own wedding and looking ever so lovely in Bridal Boutique! Make your wedding day special!

  • Prom Queen Sim
    Prom Queen Sim
    Played 28614 times

    Dress and plan your way to prom queen, one flirtation at a time!

  • Mega Anime Avatar Creator
    Mega Anime Avatar Creator
    Played 50867 times

    Create either your favorite anime character or transform yourself into one in this brand new and most amazing game, Mega Anime Avatar Creator! Let your creativity shine!

  • School Uniform
    School Uniform
    Played 7804 times

    This girl wants to design the perfect school uniform. Can you help her choose the right colors, skirt, top and much more in this makeover game?

  • BFF in the Beach
    BFF in the Beach
    Played 14099 times

    These two best friends are ready to spend at day at the beach. Help them to get their best look!

  • Shopaholic: Beach Models
    Shopaholic: Beach Models
    Played 52416 times

    Shopping in a tropical paradise is the best. With bright colors and bold prints, you can't go wrong.

  • Girls Go Fashion Party
    Girls Go Fashion Party
    Played 28521 times

    Without your help Gwen, Gabriella, and Grace will be tardy to their party!

  • Madelyn Dental Care
    Madelyn Dental Care
    Played 45026 times

    Madelyn would rather be shopping for a new outfit than going to the dentist's office but her teeth have really been bugging her lately. Could you take a look and see what’s causing the problem in this cute simulation game?

  • Street Punk Style
    Street Punk Style
    Played 1143 times

    Live life on the edge with a new punk look!

  • Princess Super Team
    Princess Super Team
    Played 18834 times
  • Perfect Date
    Perfect Date
    Played 51346 times

    Perfect dates don't just happen. You have to make a plan to woo that man!

  • Emo Style Makeover
    Emo Style Makeover
    Played 4329 times

    Introduce this wholesome cutie to the emo revolution!

  • Cute Moe 3D Dress Up
    Cute Moe 3D Dress Up
    Played 6603 times

    This cute girl is searching for some new outfits. Help her design them in this 3D makeover game. You can choose new contact lenses for her, accessories and even a backpack or two.

  • Princess Get Cool for College
    Princess Get Cool for College
    Played 18182 times
  • Teams Selfie Battle
    Teams Selfie Battle
    Played 11525 times
  • Ellie's OOTD
    Ellie's OOTD
    Played 7242 times

    Ellie is picking out three OOTDs for class and some upcoming events with her friends in this dress up game. Can you help her put them together and get some cool selfies for Facebook too?

  • Rapunzel College Diva
    Rapunzel College Diva
    Played 3292 times

    This princess is a bit of a diva and she’s looking for an outfit that’s perfect to wear around campus. Could you help her pick out the right one in this magical dress up game?

  • Dress My Baby
    Dress My Baby
    Played 8044 times

    Make your baby a style icon!

  • Katie Dress Up
    Katie Dress Up
    Played 15012 times
  • College Life
    College Life
    Played 27746 times
  • Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Played 33681 times

    Create the most romantic scene in Manga ever in this fun 2D graphic game! Let true love grow as you put your words in their mouths.

  • The Princess: Sent to the Future
    The Princess: Sent to the Future
    Played 30663 times

    The future is awfully strange when you’re a princess from the distant past. Could you help this young royal adjust to life in the year 2017? She’ll need to update her look before she starts working to find a way to get back to her kingdom in this truly timeless dress up game.

  • Pretty Pixie
    Pretty Pixie
    Played 4715 times

    Create your own beautiful pixie in this online game made for girls! Choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, clothing, and makeup too!

  • Mermaid Scene Maker
    Mermaid Scene Maker
    Played 13513 times

    Create a majestic underwater scene in this fun makeover game. Dress up a mermaid and her boyfriend. You can also add a few friendly dolphins and even a turtle or two.

  • Princesses Black Friday Fun
    Princesses Black Friday Fun
    Played 33400 times

    These three princesses are going to the mall for Black Friday. Help them find some fantastic sales and awesome outfits in this shopping game.

  • Pin-Up Facial Beauty
    Pin-Up Facial Beauty
    Played 31239 times

    This girl loves vintage clothing and all things retro. Can you help her with a makeover that’s totally cool? She’ll need some advice about makeup and outfits in this dress up and beauty game.

  • Design Shoes
    Design Shoes
    Played 14295 times

    If the shoe fits get your designer talents on and create your own unique shoes! Experiment with different textures, colors, and shapes!

  • Hair Makeover Dating
    Hair Makeover Dating
    Played 20757 times

    This beautiful young lady is going on a blind date but doesn't feel as though she's ready. Help dress her up and give her a gorgeous makeover so she looks and feels great in Hair Makeover Dating.

  • Princesses: Freaky vs Pretty
    Princesses: Freaky vs Pretty
    Played 29719 times

    These two groups of princesses are participating in a fashion contest. Which one of their styles will come out on top? That all depends on which outfits you choose for them in this makeover game.

  • Sailor Moon Creator
    Sailor Moon Creator
    Played 10333 times

    Sailor Moon and her magical friends could really use a few new outfits...

  • Princess Best & Worst: Red Carpet Gowns
    Princess Best & Worst: Red Carpet Gowns
    Played 41153 times

    People can be really critical when it comes to fashion. Can you help each one of these princesses avoid a disaster as they walk down the red carpet in this dress up game?

    • Chibi Maker
      Chibi Maker
      Played 55502 times

      They’re lovable, they’re huggable, and now they’re headed for your computer screen!

    • Meet Ellie
      Meet Ellie
      Played 22667 times

      Meet Ellie is a brand new point and click object finding game made for girls, and you’ll have such a wonderful time getting to know her and what she likes to do.

    • Perfect School Outfit
      Perfect School Outfit
      Played 44089 times

      These two girls are running late for school. Can you help them put together some awesome outfits and fast? They definitely need to get to class on time in this dress up game.

    • Style Kaya's Phone
      Style Kaya's Phone
      Played 4516 times

      Your cell phone says a lot about you!

    • The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
      The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
      Played 20288 times

      This famous celeb is searching for some cool outfits that will look great everywhere from the beach to the red carpet. Can you help her design them in this dress up game?

    • Avie Pocket: Popstar
      Avie Pocket: Popstar
      Played 20982 times
    • Princesses Street Dancers
      Princesses Street Dancers
      Played 21306 times
    • How To Become Popular at School with Princess
      How To Become Popular at School with Princess
      Played 444632 times

      This princess is eager to become more popular at her school. She could use some help though. Tag along with her while she chooses some cool clothes and updates her social media account in this game for girls.

    • Manga Creator School Days Holiday Special
      Manga Creator School Days Holiday Special
      Played 5210 times

      These four friends from the world of manga are spending time together during the holidays. They want to wear some really cute outfits that are perfect for the season. Can you help them design some in this festive dress up game?

    • Princess First Day of School
      Princess First Day of School
      Played 29026 times

      The school year has just begun and this princess is running late! Help her choose an awesome outfit, gather her stuff and eat a healthy breakfast before the first bell rings in this dress up game.

    • Egyptian Girl Dress Up
      Egyptian Girl Dress Up
      Played 600 times

      This Egyptian beauty's fashion sense is what they call 'the jewel of the Nile'!

    • Pretty Cure 3
      Pretty Cure 3
      Played 6973 times

      Bad guys beware...the best-dressed crime fighters ever are on your case!

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