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Drop the Gift

It's going to be a very busy Christmas Eve in Drop the Gift. Jump inside Santa's sleigh and help him make his deliveries in this Christmas game.

You’ll need perfect timing and excellent aiming skills in order to get the gifts to slide down the chimneys in this adventure game. You also don't have many of them, and Santa's really running behind schedule. Help him achieve his delivery goals in each challenging level. Oh, and watch out! He's been flying his sleigh a little too close to houses lately!

How to Play Drop the Gift?

Drop the Gift is a festive action game. Join Santa while he delivers presents, but look out! He only has a certain amount. He'll need to make sure that he gets as many of them to go down the chimneys as he can before time runs out.

Game Controls


  • PRESS W, S, OR THE ARROWS to fly Santa's sleigh. 
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to drop a gift.


  • LEFT CLICK the buttons on the screen to drop a gift or fly Santa's sleigh.

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Who Developed Drop the Gift?

Drop the Gift was created by Wanted 5 Games.