Garden Games

  • Zoo Disorder Game
    Zoo Disorder Game
    Played 23770 times

    The animals are out! Put them in their places before anyone gets hurt.

  • Mermaid World
    Mermaid World
    Played 8337 times

    Add life to this underwater world!

  • Mahjong Flowers
    Mahjong Flowers
    Played 219 times

    You can experience the calming joy of gently falling cherry blossoms while you play this online version of Mahjong. There are three different modes that are perfect for players of different skill levels along with dozens of boards to try as well.

  • Pet Pals Decoration
    Pet Pals Decoration
    Played 11528 times

    Fill these outdoor scenes with animated animals!

  • Luna Amusement Park
    Luna Amusement Park
    Played 6851 times

    Build this amusement park any way you like!

  • Mermaid Décor
    Mermaid Décor
    Played 21785 times

    Fill the sea with fish and create a comfortable home for the mermaids.

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 15479 times

    Design your own tree house!

  • Sue's Garden
    Sue's Garden
    Played 29441 times

    How pretty of a garden can you grow for Sue?

  • Prince and Princess Decoration
    Prince and Princess Decoration
    Played 23917 times

    Create a fairytale scene for this royal couple.

  • Dogwalk Decoration
    Dogwalk Decoration
    Played 8618 times

    Decorate the amusement park with rides, plants, and balloons!

  • Picnic Garden Décor
    Picnic Garden Décor
    Played 18126 times

    Prepare a picnic for these children and their furry friends!

  • Plants vs. Bugs
    Plants vs. Bugs
    Played 152 times

    This garden's a battlefield, and those wicked worms are gonna pay the price for munching on your veggies!

  • Plants vs. Bugs
    Plants vs. Bugs
    Played 445 times

    Harvest your crops before the bugs eat them all!

  • The Gardener
    The Gardener
    Played 150 times

    This garden is about more than just tending plants--it's about turning a profit!

  • Neverland Decoration
    Neverland Decoration
    Played 0 times

    Add your own magic to this Neverland scene!

  • Flower Power Manicure
    Flower Power Manicure
    Played 2022 times

    These fashionable girls are looking for makeovers that are super groovy. Can you help each one of them achieve the perfect hippie style before they get a manicure in this online game? They really want to celebrate a few looks from the late 1960s that are totally far out!

  • Island Princess: Stylish Tropical Flowers
    Island Princess: Stylish Tropical Flowers
    Played 4515 times

    It’s time for this princess to freshen up her style in this online makeover game. She’d like to include more flowers and vibrant colors in her outfits. Can you help her design cool looks, do her nails, and more?

  • Design My Stylish Flower Crown
    Design My Stylish Flower Crown
    Played 3672 times

    You can create a gorgeous crown made of flowers for each one of the girls in this online design game. Choose the shapes, the styles, and the types of flowers too, of course!

  • Princess Juliet: Garden Trouble
    Princess Juliet: Garden Trouble
    Played 4119 times

    Princess Juliet is feeling a bit hungry so she’s decided to pick some fresh veggies from her garden to make a delicious salad. But, oh no! An evil troll has raided the garden! Can you help the princess and her enchanted book nurse all the plants back to health in this online game for girls?

  • Princesses: Sunflower Delight
    Princesses: Sunflower Delight
    Played 4951 times

    All six of these princesses really love sunflowers! That’s why they’ve decided to wear some cute tops, skirts, and more that feature a lot of them in this online dress-up game. Can you help each one create an awesome outfit and come up with the perfect hairstyle to along with it?

  • James Bomb
    James Bomb
    Played 19 times

    Have a blast blowing through the gardens with James.

  • Flower Garden Décor
    Flower Garden Décor
    Played 1261 times

    Lisette has an idea for her new garden; will you help her realize it?

  • Christmas Tree Decoration
    Christmas Tree Decoration
    Played 467 times

    Cover this tree with festive Christmas decorations!

  • (del Winter) Christmas Village Decoratio
    (del Winter) Christmas Village Decoratio
    Played 272 times

    Create a cozy Christmas village in this snowy landscape.

  • Fairy Garden Decoration
    Fairy Garden Decoration
    Played 8713 times

    It’s moving day in the magical world of fairies.

  • North Pole Decoration
    North Pole Decoration
    Played 44 times

    Help Santa sort this mess; it's the North Pole's big day!

  • Cafe Garden Decoration
    Cafe Garden Decoration
    Played 652 times

    It's a sunny day, so get this outdoor café ready for customers!

  • Princesses: Garden Rescue
    Princesses: Garden Rescue
    Played 154 times

    This garden is in pretty sad shape! Fortunately, these two princesses are coming to the rescue! Can you lend them a hand in this online design and gardening simulation game? They’re about to completely restore it with lots of awesome plants, flowers, and other features!

  • Grabbit Rabbit: The Guarded Garden
    Grabbit Rabbit: The Guarded Garden
    Played 857 times

    Move the rabbit around the garden and help him grab all the carrots, but beware of dogs!

  • Fairy Garden
    Fairy Garden
    Played 99 times

    Help the fairy tame her wild, fast-growing garden with your careful aim and a little flower power!

  • Growing For Life
    Growing For Life
    Played 1401 times

    Look after your garden and water your plants to keep them alive.

  • Kitten Village
    Kitten Village
    Played 23159 times

    Miaow! Can you help a little kitty cat find the purrfect home?

  • Mermaid Sea Decoration
    Mermaid Sea Decoration
    Played 4619 times

    Fill the sea around this mermaid with life!