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Word Search

Searching for words in a puzzle can be a fantastic way to exercise your brain. Will you be able to find all the ones that are hidden in Word Search

It’s a challenging online word game. Take a look at the list of words below each one of the daily puzzles. Can you find them in the seemingly random assortment of letters? Each day will feature a different topic. The words you’ll need to hunt down could be different types of cheese, animals, or even wine! Find out if you can earn an impressive high-score. 

How to Play Word Search? 

This is a daily puzzle game. Your goal is to find the words hidden in a grid of what appears to be entirely random letters. Can you find all the ones that are somewhere within each word puzzle? There's a new one added every day!

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to arrange letters into words. 
  • LEFT CLICK to select them.

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