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Vex 6

Another series of deadly challenges await you in Vex 6. How long will you survive in this fun adventure game?

You'll need to leap over gigantic saw blades when you're not running across collapsing bridges or bouncing off the walls in this intense platform game. Fortunately, there's a few kites that will help you soar across some really big gaps as you try to reach each and every one of the checkpoints.

There's also daily tasks and bonus stages along with plenty of cool and collectible skins that will further add to the excitement. Keep checking back to see all the latest stuff. If you're able to master this latest installment of the popular Vex series, you'll earn a few awesome trophies, too!

How to Play Vex 6?

Can you reach the checkpoints and make it to the end of each act in this thrilling action game? Leap or fly over gaps while you dodge various dangers in a series of deadly obstacle courses.

Game Controls

  • PRESS W OR THE UP ARROW to jump. 
  • PRESS A OR THE LEFT ARROW to run left. 
  • PRESS D OR THE RIGHT ARROW to run right. 
  • PRESS S OR THE DOWN ARROW to duck or slide (while running).

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Who Developed Vex 6?

Vex 6 was created by Agame.