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Parkour Rooftop

Parkour Rooftop is a skill-based game in which you can run over the rooftops with a freerunning athlete. Leap over the gaps between the buildings and dodge the chimneys and satellite dishes.

How to play Parkour Rooftop?

In this endless runner game, your objective is to set a record distance. Run over the rooftops and perfect enormous leaps to clear the gaps between the buildings. If you fall, you’ll have to start over.

Your runner will land the highest jumps with a forward roll. The longer you keep running, the more this side-scrolling game will speed up. Can you cope with the increasingly short time you’ll have to react and jump?

Occasionally, there’ll be a chimney sticking out from the roof, or a satellite dish. These obstacles won’t make your runner trip and fall, but he’ll stumble and slow down. While you can leap to avoid them, you might also want to use them to slow your runner down.

Game Controls

  • Tap to jump
  • Tap and hold to jump higher

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Who created Parkour Rooftop?

Parkour Rooftop was created by MarketJS.