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Tall Man Run

Let's see how far you can make it in Tallman Run. Can you manage to overcome all the obstacle courses in this online running game?

Take control of a brave stick figure and try to reach the first finish line. Along the way you can collect power-ups that will make it bigger and taller. Unfortunately, there are also many obstacles that will shrink your stickman back to its old size in this 3D stickman game. Control your stickman as it tries to master the many levels, collecting heaps of gems along the way. You can use your coins to unlock other cool characters.

How to play Tallman Run?

Tallman Run is a fun, challenging skill game. Guide a stick figure through a series of obstacle courses littered with barriers. Your stickman can jump or climb over them if it is tall enough to do so. Each of these obstacles can dramatically reduce your stickman’s height and size, so you’ll need to collect power-ups to help it get as big as possible.


USE THE MOUSE to steer your stick figure through the levels.

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Who developed Tallman Run?

Tallman Run was developed by 2Play.