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Shadoworld Adventure

Enter a world of darkness in Shadoworld Adventure where danger lurks around every corner!

How far will you make it while you explore this eerie kingdom? Join a strange creature who himself is made of shadows in this retro platform game. Help him avoid super sharp spikes and overcome enemies in dozens of exciting levels. You’ll have to move fast. You won’t have much time to find the key that will unlock the portal at the end of each one!

How to Play Shadoworld Adventure?

Shadoworld Adventure is an adventure game with ‘80s-style graphics. Tag along with a mysterious creature on an epic journey that will lead you both through 50 thrilling levels.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK ON THE BUTTONS to move and jump. 


  • PRESS A to go left.
  • PRESS D to go right.
  • PRESS W to jump.

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Who Developed Shadowland Adventure?

Shadowland Adventure was created by JM Neto Game Dev.