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Stickman Epic

Stickman Epic is a platform adventure game in which you have to help your ninja stickman defeat zombies and other monsters in a Minecraft world.

How to play Stickman Epic?

Set out on adventures to collect gems and gold, which you can use to unlock items in the shop when you return home. Tap on the treasure chest inside your home to equip items.

You can complete 15 platform levels with 6 tough bosses in total. Equip your hero with up to 72 cool gear options to build your ultimate suit of armor.

Use your ninja combat skills to kick and punch the zombies into oblivion. Find treasure chests, pass the checkpoints, and reach the magic portal at the end of each level. Defeated enemies will also drop loot. Watch out for crumbling sand tiles, lava, and other dangers!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to scroll and explore the village in your home menu
  • Inside the levels, use the arrow keys to run and jump
  • Use the spacebar to jump - tap twice to double jump

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Who created Stickman Epic?

Stickman Epic was created by GamePush.

When was Stickman Epic first released?

This game was first released on December 13, 2023.