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Squid Challenge

Squid Challenge is an action game based on the Korean thriller series Squid Game, and just like the competitors, your sole aim is to survive the challenges.

In this survival game, you’ll have to complete various tasks to fill the giant piggy bank and stay alive. Make it through deadly versions of children’s games like ‘Red Light, Green Light’, the marble game, and tug of war. Each round of this action game will become more difficult to survive.

How to Play Squid Challenge?

Participate in games from the TV show and make sure you don’t die. The instructions will be shown on screen at the start of each new game.  

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK and SWIPE to run and throw marbles.
  • LEFT CLICK and HOLD to trace the lines, pull the rope.
  • LEFT CLICK to aim and jump.

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Who Developed Squid Challenge?

Squid Challenge was created by OneTwoPlay.