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Squid Game 2

Prepare yourself for more deadly challenges in Squid Game 2. Will you make it to the final round of this online game based on the popular Netflix series?

You're totally broke, so it looks like you'll have to become a player in the next edition of Squid Game. There's plenty of cash to earn, but you'll have to make it all the way to the end of several incredibly dangerous versions of popular children's games.

Challenge other players as you participate in Hide and Seek and other diabolical competitions that could send you to an early grave! Will you get back home in one piece as you fight to earn a fortune in this intense action game?

How to Play Squid Game 2?

Welcome back to Squid Game, the competition that will help you earn big bucks if you don’t wind up dead first! Compete against other players while you try to survive and earn cash to upgrade your bunk in this fast-paced horror game.

Game Controls

  • MOVE THE MOUSE to guide your character through each game.
  • LEFT CLICK to use various items.

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Who Developed Squid Game 2?

Squid Game 2 was created by OneTwoPlay.