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Save the Panda

Save the Panda is a popular online game in which you have to keep the wasps and bees from stinging the troll-faced panda. Solve each puzzle by drawing the right shapes to ward off the bees.

How to play Save the Panda?

In this humorous arcade game, you have to keep the bees and wasps from reaching the panda attacking it with their stingers. You can do this by swiping to draw walls and other shapes between the panda and the hive.

The wasps will attack any walls and shapes you’ve drawn. They can push your creations out of the way and topple them over to reach the panda. Think carefully and come up with creative drawings and methods to keep the panda safe.  

Game Controls

  • Swipe to draw lines, or click and drag to draw
  • You can only draw one continuous line before the insects start attacking

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Who created Save the Panda?

Save the Panda was created by Mad Buffer.