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Hero Tower Wars

Hero Tower Wars is a numbers-based merge puzzle game. Choose the right monsters and villains to attack so that you hero can gain enough strength to collect the treasures and rescue the princess.

How to play Hero Tower Wars?

In each level of this battle strategy math game, you’ll see one or more towers stacked with all kinds of monsters, traps, weapons and treasures. Sometimes there will also be a princess, held captive on one of the floors.

Choose where to move your hero. If his power level is higher than that of his opponents, he will win, and their power will be added to his own. Traps marked with a negative number will take away from your warrior’s strength, but collecting weapons and armor will add to it. Look at the numbers and pick the right route.

Can you make it through every floor and enemy tower? Put your math skills to the test with hundreds of levels and exciting daily quests.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Drag your hero to the right floor

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Who created Hero Tower Wars?

Hero Tower Wars was created by 2Play.