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Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race is a crazy and chaotic jetpack racing adventure. In this multiplayer game, you must beat your opponents to the finish while collecting coins and unleashing all kinds of mischief and dirty tricks.

How to play Rabbids Wild Race?

Join the lawless Rabbids from the Rayman spin-off series in this action game by Ubisoft. This time, the rabid little critters are participating in a jet-pack powered race. Can you stay ahead of your opponents by dodging all the traps and gathering boosters?

It’s not just your mischievous opponents you have to watch out for. The race takes place on an obstacle course packed with laser beams, fire, and other dangers. And if that’s not enough mayhem to contend with, every single Rabbid in possession of a flamethrower, plasma cannon, or some other weapon appears to have run onto the obstacle course as well!

Collect boosters such as magnets to attract coins, and nitro fuel to speed ahead of the competition. Upgrade your Rabbids, collect Daily Rewards, and unlock a whole range of funny characters from this Ubisoft game franchise.

Game Controls

  • Your Raving Rabbid will run automatically
  • Tap and hold (or left mouse click and hold) to fire the jetpack enige and fly

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Who created Rabbids Wild Race?

Rabbids Wild Race was created by Ubisoft.