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Microsoft Solitaire Collection: TriPeaks

Will you make it to the tops of these peaks? It's time to find out in Microsoft Solitaire Collection: TriPeaks!

The original version of TriPeaks dates back to 1989. This edition of the single player card game comes from the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Find out how fast you can connect the cards located in each one of the three peaks. You can always hit the back button if you’d like to reverse a move.

How to Play Microsoft Solitaire Collection: TriPeaks?

You'll need to clear as many cards as you can from the table in this TriPeaks solitaire game. Look for cards that are valued either one above or below the value on the top card in the waste pile. Aces can either be high or low and you don’t need to worry about suits or colors.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for cards that match.
  • LEFT CLICK to remove a matching card from the table.

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Who Developed Microsoft Solitaire Collection: TriPeaks?

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: TriPeaks was created by Microsoft.