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Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is a classic strategy-based puzzle game. You can play this CoolMath game against the computer in single-player mode, or challenge a friend in the local two-player mode. Take turns to draw a line and close as many boxes as you can.  

How to play Dots and Boxes?

The goal is to connect the dots and close as many boxes as you can. Each player can draw one line at a time. Closing a box will turn it your color, and you will receive an extra turn. The player who captures the greatest number of boxes wins.

Dots and Boxes Strategy

Winning a game of dots and boxes is a matter of controlling your opponents moves. Usually, chains of potential boxes will form as players add lines to the grid of dots without wanting to give away boxes to their opponent.

Quite often, capturing a long chain is the key to victory. However, your opponent will try to force you to draw the third line of a box and give away a chain. When you find yourself in this position, look for short chains to sacrifice, so that you can focus on capturing the long ones.

Be cautious when your opponent sacrifices a chain to you as well. They might be using the same tactic. Think ahead and work out if they are giving you a shorter chain in order to force you to give away a longer one. If so, see if you can sacrifice the last two boxes in the chain.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to drag a line and connect two dots.

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Who created Dots and Boxes?

Dots and Boxes was created by CoolMath. 

When was Dots and Boxes first released?

This game was released on our site on 31 August, 2023.