Fashion Dress Up Games for Girls

  • Pretty Cure 4
    Pretty Cure 4
    Played 17360 times

    Join the Pretty Cure gang for another round of fashion and fun.

  • Cutie Student Dress Up
    Cutie Student Dress Up
    Played 8596 times

    Help this super-cute schoolgirl put together an awesome outfit.

  • Trendy iGirl
    Trendy iGirl
    Played 14653 times

    Have you got iStyle?

  • Lucky Star Dress Up
    Lucky Star Dress Up
    Played 7799 times

    These girls are about to sing on stage. Make sure their outfits are as coordinated as their dance moves!

  •  Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Played 44751 times

    This girl has a date with the guy she’s been chasing all year. Help her look fab!

  • Frozen Snow Prom Party
    Frozen Snow Prom Party
    Played 24613 times

    These two sisters are preparing for prom but they haven't a clue what to wear...

  • Fashion Designer World Tour
    Fashion Designer World Tour
    Played 16326 times

    Now that you've mastered the art of fashion, it's time to take your collection on a world tour!

  • Fruits Basket
    Fruits Basket
    Played 10379 times

    Do you have a sec? Tohru and her friends need your advice on what to wear.

  • Prom Girls Dress Up
    Prom Girls Dress Up
    Played 1728 times

    It's prom time! Get these girls ready for the big dance.

  • Princess Bonnie Dress Up
    Princess Bonnie Dress Up
    Played 1874 times

    Whatever kind of princess you make her, she's always one Bonnie lass.

  • Designer Trends 3D
    Designer Trends 3D
    Played 11764 times

    Take your love of dress-up to the next dimension! Design outfits for 3D girls who walk, dance, and chill out!

  • Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Played 211837 times

    Avie’s ready for a relaxing day at the beach, but what should she take along?

  • Evening Gown Dress Up
    Evening Gown Dress Up
    Played 1741 times

    Dress up this girl in the most beautiful evening dress of all!

  • Fashion Punk Girl
    Fashion Punk Girl
    Played 536 times

    If you want to be stylish without wearing the same gear as everyone else...go punk.

  • Have a Trip
    Have a Trip
    Played 2532 times

    Bella's on her way to her grandmother's house. She's sure to have a fun and relaxing visit.

  • Fruits Basket Dress Up
    Fruits Basket Dress Up
    Played 8219 times

    No outfit is complete without a cat on your shoulder…as anime star Tohru knows!

  • White Swan Bride Dress Up
    White Swan Bride Dress Up
    Played 1922 times

    Help this girl design a beautiful bridal gown inspired by Swan Lake, the famous ballet.

  • Mylene Gown Dress Up
    Mylene Gown Dress Up
    Played 1121 times

    Dress up Mylene in one of those beautiful gowns and choose for her a new hairdo.

  • Party Sensation Dress Up
    Party Sensation Dress Up
    Played 1190 times

    Do you have the fashion finesse to be a party princess?

  • Sweet Catgirl Makeover
    Sweet Catgirl Makeover
    Played 3422 times

    This season, it’s all about feline fashion. Miaow!

  • Ballerina Dress Up
    Ballerina Dress Up
    Played 2851 times

    Pick a nice dress for this ballerina.

  • Fashion Designer
    Fashion Designer
    Played 22092 times

    Style your way to the headlines of NY Fashion Week!

  • Princess Gown Dress Up
    Princess Gown Dress Up
    Played 1066 times

    Choose the most beautiful dress for this princess!

  • Fashion Editor: August
    Fashion Editor: August
    Played 687 times

    Play with patterns and create a back-to-school look that's anything but boring!

  • Princess Tutu
    Princess Tutu
    Played 3227 times

    Give this former ugly duckling the beautiful ballerina costume she deserves.

  • Stylish Looks Dress Up
    Stylish Looks Dress Up
    Played 896 times

    Ginny loves to combine her outfits in many different ways.

  • Dream Dancer Dress Up
    Dream Dancer Dress Up
    Played 991 times

    Choose one of a range of fabulous costumes for the dancer!

  • Avie: Christmas Style
    Avie: Christmas Style
    Played 48484 times

    Help this girl celebrate the holidays in style. She needs to get started on a makeover.

  • Ellie: Moving to Manhattan
    Ellie: Moving to Manhattan
    Played 4319 times

    Ellie’s ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple but she could use some help getting there...

  • Dress Up Sim
    Dress Up Sim
    Played 3484 times

    Choose a model and change her look just as you like.

  • Ballet Girl Dress Up
    Ballet Girl Dress Up
    Played 729 times

    This dancer's show is just around the corner. Help put some spring in her step.

  • Raspberry Torte: Fresh Fashions Boutique
    Raspberry Torte: Fresh Fashions Boutique
    Played 2455 times

    Raspberry Torte's fashion apparel is fresher than a ripe tomato on the vine!

  • Spring Gown Dress Up
    Spring Gown Dress Up
    Played 1277 times

    What gown suits best this pretty fair-haired girl?

  • Cover Model Dress Up: November
    Cover Model Dress Up: November
    Played 550 times

    Time to knock some socks off with nifty November fashion!

  • French Victorian Dress-Up Game
    French Victorian Dress-Up Game
    Played 1626 times

    Get ready to design some new looks that are a blast from the past.

  • Fairy Princess Cutie
    Fairy Princess Cutie
    Played 865 times

    Magical creatures from the fairy kingdom love to dress up. Help this princess pick her outfit.

    • Flower Power Make-Up
      Flower Power Make-Up
      Played 985 times

      This girl loves flowers. Use your fashion skills to help her new makeover bloom.

    • Umbrella Gown Dress Up
      Umbrella Gown Dress Up
      Played 652 times

      Choose a perfect ball gown for this lovely girl!

    • Elegant Wedding Dress Up
      Elegant Wedding Dress Up
      Played 802 times

      Give this bride an elegant wedding-day look.

    • Avie: My Pretty Avatar
      Avie: My Pretty Avatar
      Played 73639 times

      Pamper yourself before you hit the town to play some fun mini-games.

    • Boots Bonanza Dress Up
      Boots Bonanza Dress Up
      Played 1804 times

      The autumn weather is getting chilly, but with all these boots Annie's fashion will always be hot!

    • Princess Proposal Dress Up
      Princess Proposal Dress Up
      Played 700 times

      It's the moment she's been waiting for, and everything has to be perfect...

    • Baby Beauty Pageant
      Baby Beauty Pageant
      Played 2750 times

      Baby’s first beauty pageant is just a few hours away. Could you help her get ready?

    • Cover Model Dress Up: June
      Cover Model Dress Up: June
      Played 1894 times

      The weather is heating up, so your cover model's fashion better too!

    • Emo Girl Dress Up 2
      Emo Girl Dress Up 2
      Played 948 times

      It's late at night in the city, and this emo girl just wants to have fun...dressing up!

    • Fashion Frenzy
      Fashion Frenzy
      Played 552 times

      Create your own fun and fabulous clothes!

    • Beautiful Like a Rainbow 2
      Beautiful Like a Rainbow 2
      Played 687 times

      Welcome to the place where color is your best friend.

    • Anime Dress Up 4
      Anime Dress Up 4
      Played 3463 times

      Dress this cute cartoon character girl up in a gorgeous long gown!