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The Chess

Enjoy a classic game of chess or spice things up in The Chess: A Clash of Kings. Choose to play against a friend or beat the well-trained AI.

How to play The Chess: A Clash of Kings

For this online chess game, the standard chess rules apply; try to topple the other player’s King before they topple yours. Doing so is called a checkmate.

Both players start with sixteen pieces on the board; eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one Queen and one King. The pieces each move in their own ways, based on their rank. If you click a piece, the squares it can move to will light up.

You can use your mouse or touchscreen to play the game.

Which game modes are available in The Chess?

The Chess offers three different modes of play. You can play Classic chess as described above. For this, the game has a 2-player chess option, as well as the alternative to play chess against the computer.

The Chess also includes a Special Mode where the two middle rows of the board are dangerous territory to tread on… Every ten moves, two random squares will break, rendering it impassable. If your piece is on a tile when it breaks, the piece will be destroyed.

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Who created The Chess?

This online chess game with customization options was developed by Busidol.

When was The Chess: A Clash of Kings released?

This two-player chess game was released in August 2023.