Simulation Games for Girls

  • Tattoo Artist
    Tattoo Artist
    Played 11667 times

    Try to fill-up the tattoo in the given time.

  • Hair Expert
    Hair Expert
    Played 30553 times

    So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

  • Give Birth to Your Daughter
    Give Birth to Your Daughter
    Played 26643 times

    This young woman is about to have her baby. Can you help her remain comfortable and happy in this birth simulation game?

  • My Prom Accident
    My Prom Accident
    Played 5103 times

    This teen girl just got ditched by her date for the prom. Even worse, her dress is all covered in mud! Help her quickly find a new one so she can still make it to the prom on time in this makeover and beauty game.

  • Papa's Sushiria
    Papa's Sushiria
    Played 259335 times

    During a tour of Papa’s newest restaurant, you accidentally broke his very expensive Fortune Kitty. You’ll need to work a few shifts in order to pay for the damage in this time management game. Jump behind the counter, put on an apron and help Papa’s customers as fast as you can. You’ll need to make them sushi, bubble tea and much more! Papa's Sushiria !

  • Baby Bathing
    Baby Bathing
    Played 2055 times

    Can you make this bubbly baby's bath even better?

  • Brick Building
    Brick Building
    Played 4879 times

    Can you create a nice street scene with all of these colorful bricks? Design a pretty row of houses or a cool cafe in this simulation game. You can even add people and street signs too.

  • Madelyn Dental Care
    Madelyn Dental Care
    Played 48397 times

    Madelyn would rather be shopping for a new outfit than going to the dentist's office but her teeth have really been bugging her lately. Could you take a look and see what’s causing the problem in this cute simulation game?

  • My Dolphin Show 4 new
    My Dolphin Show 4 new
    Played 19237 times

    Its time to take Vegas by storm, but are you and your dolphin ready for the big time?

  • Net Pet
    Net Pet
    Played 24536 times

    Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet.

  • Cute Kitten Daycare
    Cute Kitten Daycare
    Played 1990 times

    Keeping kitties content is a full-time job.

  • Celtic Village
    Celtic Village
    Played 3433 times

    Put your peasants on different works, upgrade houses and get babies.

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 87292 times

    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

  • Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Played 25760 times

    Get ready to groom some totally cute and super-cuddly pets!

  • Super Manager
    Super Manager
    Played 8051 times

    Buy, sell and tweak your products in order to make a profit.

  • Papa's Pancakeria
    Papa's Pancakeria
    Played 132511 times

    The pancake business is flippin' tough!

  • The Farmer
    The Farmer
    Played 5495 times

    Manage your farm by planting vegetables or fruit and selling chicken eggs.

  • Convertible car wash
    Convertible car wash
    Played 6812 times

    Can you get this poor convertible car spotless again? At the local carwash, you can buff, wash, polish and repair broken windows in no time!

  • Cute Farm Hospital
    Cute Farm Hospital
    Played 14967 times

    Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

  • Ellie & Cindy Teen Rivalry
    Ellie & Cindy Teen Rivalry
    Played 23177 times

    These two teens are both determined to rule their school. Which one of them will reign supreme? That all depends on you in this online game for girls. Choose to side with Ellie or help out Cindy instead while they compete in a crazy contest to determine which one of them deserves to be the most popular girl in school.

  • Tattoo Artist 2
    Tattoo Artist 2
    Played 6317 times

    Try to fill-up the tattoo in the given time in this electrifying sequal to the original tattoo makeover game! Show off your artistic iink talents!

  • Ellie Charm School Challenge
    Ellie Charm School Challenge
    Played 4197 times

    Become a true princess in this exciting new girls game, Ellie Charm School Challenge. Take the tests to show that you’re a proper lady and loved by all!

  • Cute Camryn Nose Treatment
    Cute Camryn Nose Treatment
    Played 8898 times

    Camryn’s nose is a total disaster! It’s covered in pimples and there’s hairs in some pretty unsightly spots. Can you help make her schnoz more snazzy in this online game?

  • Cinema Rush
    Cinema Rush
    Played 15875 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Fitness Workout XL
    Fitness Workout XL
    Played 14812 times

    These two friends are eager to get into shape. Go with them to the gym and make sure that they stay on track with their workouts in this free online game. With your help, they’ll look great in no time!

  • The Princess: Sent to the Future
    The Princess: Sent to the Future
    Played 52337 times

    The future is awfully strange when you’re a princess from the distant past. Could you help this young royal adjust to life in the year 2017? She’ll need to update her look before she starts working to find a way to get back to her kingdom in this truly timeless dress up game.

  • Pet Daycare
    Pet Daycare
    Played 613 times

    Grooming and playing with pets all day? Now THAT's a dream job!

  • Baby Daycare
    Baby Daycare
    Played 7459 times

    All the busy parents in town need your help—are your babysitting skills up to the challenge?

  • Cute Puppy Daycare
    Cute Puppy Daycare
    Played 13635 times

    Pamper a precious puppy from the pound!

  • Princesses: Promo Models
    Princesses: Promo Models
    Played 4902 times
  • Secret Office Kissing
    Secret Office Kissing
    Played 2996 times

    These two officer workers definitely have the hots for one another. Can you help them sneak in a few smooches while they’re still on the clock? They’ll need to kiss while their boss is distracted in this romantic stealth game.

  • Penguin Diner 2
    Penguin Diner 2
    Played 10781 times

    Penguins ordering cakes and cokes? What is the world coming to?

  • Cute Baby Nursery
    Cute Baby Nursery
    Played 6188 times

    If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...

  • Dotted Girl: Twins Birth
    Dotted Girl: Twins Birth
    Played 25167 times

    This superhero is about to have her babies! Let’s get her to the hospital, on the double, in this game for girls. Can you make sure that she has everything she needs? She should bring her phone and all of her baby stuff too.

  • Kindergarten
    Played 10873 times

    Keep the babies happy by fulfilling their needs as fast as you can.

  • Shopping Street
    Shopping Street
    Played 15004 times

    Crowded shopping centers can be so annoying—unless you’re a salesman!

    • Stylish Mommy To Be
      Stylish Mommy To Be
      Played 1117 times

      This mom has a baby on the way but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to look her best.

    • DIY My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion
      DIY My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion
      Played 197676 times

      This fashionable girl is raiding her boyfriend’s closet in this design and dress up game. Join her while she searches for some old clothes that she can turn into a few awesome outfits.

    • Precious Kitty Dentist
      Precious Kitty Dentist
      Played 9130 times

      Transform yourself into a real-life animal dentist and help nurse this little kitty back to health!

    • Ellie Traveller's Guide
      Ellie Traveller's Guide
      Played 6161 times

      Where should you go on your next virtual vacation? Should you pack a swimsuit? Would bringing a pug be a good idea? Ellie will help you decide in this dress up game.

    • Terrible Triplets
      Terrible Triplets
      Played 3732 times

      Look after the triplets so they remain happy and quiet while their parents are sleeping.

    • Yacht Flirting: Makeup Fiasco
      Yacht Flirting: Makeup Fiasco
      Played 11206 times

      This girl is in the middle of a fashion fiasco! Help her fix her makeup, clean her bathing suit and comb her hair before her boyfriend notices in this makeover game.

    • BMX Master
      BMX Master
      Played 3893 times

      Don't try this at home… These stunts are unreal!

    • Sara's Cooking Class: Brownies
      Sara's Cooking Class: Brownies
      Played 19490 times

      It's brownies! 2, 4, 6, 8, dig in—don't wait!

    • Beauty Resort
      Beauty Resort
      Played 16525 times

      Work your way up from a small spa to a luxury mountain resort in this multitasking time-management game!

    • Baby Baby
      Baby Baby
      Played 7007 times

      A baby takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end it’s all worth it!

    • Emma Cheating Liam
      Emma Cheating Liam
      Played 30631 times

      Emma's got the cutest boyfriend...but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her eye on someone even cuter! With your help she can get away with a little flirting and kissing on the side without losing her main man in this dating game.

    • Pet Grooming Studio
      Pet Grooming Studio
      Played 10317 times

      Even pets like to feel nice and clean. But they can't hold a sponge or toothbrush, so they need your help!

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