Hidden Object Games

  • Daily Hidden Object
    Daily Hidden Object
    Played 5247 times

    See how much treasure you can find in the dusty corners of this old shop.

  • Meet Ellie
    Meet Ellie
    Played 36251 times

    Meet Ellie is a brand new point and click object finding game made for girls, and you’ll have such a wonderful time getting to know her and what she likes to do.

  • Ariel Breaks Up with Eric
    Ariel Breaks Up with Eric
    Played 161195 times

    Oh no! There's trouble in paradise! Eric cheated on Ariel and she needs your help to pack her bags!

  • Doooors Escape
    Doooors Escape
    Played 6265 times

    You are a participant in a live show competition! Unlock all the doors one after another by solving the puzzles with clues, hints and objects. Can you be the ultimate winner of this show?

  • Nelly's Cluttered Dressing Room
    Nelly's Cluttered Dressing Room
    Played 3892 times

    Nelly’s got to clean this mega mess, and stat!

  • Eliza and Chloe Football Rivals
    Eliza and Chloe Football Rivals
    Played 43672 times

    Help these two girls support their rival teams in this fun game made for girls, Eliza and Chloe Football Rivals.

  • Tom's Cruise
    Tom's Cruise
    Played 6842 times

    Tom’s relaxing vacation just took a crazy turn. How’s he gonna get out of this mess?

  • Devilish Valentine
    Devilish Valentine
    Played 22518 times

    Love is sweet, sweet poison...

  • My Little Pony Hidden Stars
    My Little Pony Hidden Stars
    Played 8790 times
  • Bom Search
    Bom Search
    Played 1070 times

    Look at the letters and find all the words given.

  • Dolphin Pop
    Dolphin Pop
    Played 1546 times

    Pop this porpoise's pesky problems away!

  • Mermaid Princess Closet
    Mermaid Princess Closet
    Played 23527 times

    There's no shortage of style under the sea! Mine the rich jewels of this mermaid princess's closet to make her over into true sea royalty. (If you can find them all in this mess...)

  • Dreams
    Played 1471 times

    It's but a vague image, an impossible impression…but something's not right here...

  • The Anderson Sisters
    The Anderson Sisters
    Played 2580 times

    Help Marthina find her two missing sisters in this mystery solving hidden object game! Earn money with the collected items to unlock every world and collect three special keys!

  • Wedding Planner
    Wedding Planner
    Played 6117 times

    Katherine is a wedding planner and today she’ll be getting everything ready for the Sorrensons’ reception. Can you help her make sure that all of the decorations and place settings are in the correct spots? With you lending her a hand in this point and click game, Katherine will help this delightful young couple and their guests have a fantastic time.

  • Find The Penguin
    Find The Penguin
    Played 6176 times

    Can you find the penguin amongst the many black and white panda's? See how many you can find before the time runs out!

  • My Little Pony Sugar Rush
    My Little Pony Sugar Rush
    Played 7253 times

    Help Twilight in this brand new hidden object game, My Little Pony Sugar Rush. Her room is a total mess and she needs your help to find all the items that she wants to put away before her friends come over.

  • Night Adventure of Sleepwalker
    Night Adventure of Sleepwalker
    Played 1921 times

    Always be kind to animals. After all, you never know when you might need them to save your life!

  • Book Of Shadow
    Book Of Shadow
    Played 1415 times

    Let Rebecca guide you through the Book of Shadows to uncover and collect stories about ghosts, haunted houses and other supernatural legends. Collect the hidden objects to unlock every world to gain three special keys!

  • Spot the Difference
    Spot the Difference
    Played 1524 times

    Use your Heart Light to find the differences between both the images before the time runs out.

  • Little Shop of Treasures
    Little Shop of Treasures
    Played 1041 times

    This "hidden object" game will bend your brain and dazzle your eyes. Find your way to fun at the Little Shop of Treasures Deluxe today!

  • Monkey Go Happy: Sci-fi 2
    Monkey Go Happy: Sci-fi 2
    Played 1140 times

    Solve the puzzles and help these monkeys escape before the asteroids arrive!

  • Monkey Go Happy 2
    Monkey Go Happy 2
    Played 1773 times

    In this addictive ape-filled sequel, it’s your job to make sure that these monkeys are happy!

  • Library Mystery
    Library Mystery
    Played 2690 times

    Scour this study for some sneaky, seek-and-find fun!

  • Disney Princess Castle Fun
    Disney Princess Castle Fun
    Played 3250 times

    Find all the hidden letters in each of these lovely designed Disney inspired stages in Disney Princess Castle Fun.

  • Blonde Princess Magic Tailor
    Blonde Princess Magic Tailor
    Played 20541 times
  • Rapunzel Tower Escape
    Rapunzel Tower Escape
    Played 2615 times

    Rapunzel wants to leave her tower and has both you and Flynn to help her out! Find all the items she needs to escape in this charming hidden object game to free Rapunzel from captivity!

  • Snow White Valentine
    Snow White Valentine
    Played 8895 times

    Join Gwen, Grace, and Gabriella for a chocolatey Valentine adventure!

  • Personal Shopper 6
    Personal Shopper 6
    Played 1838 times

    Macy has her sights set on a new shopping challenge: wedding accessories!

  • Devilish Christmas
    Devilish Christmas
    Played 3584 times

    There's something devilish going on in the chimney...

  • Rapunzel and Flynn: Moving Together
    Rapunzel and Flynn: Moving Together
    Played 6909 times

    These two love birds are moving in together in this fun made for girls game, Rapunzel and Flynn: Moving Together!

  • Mysteriez
    Played 719 times

    Train your eyes to see hidden numbers in ordinary objects…

  • Personal Shopper
    Personal Shopper
    Played 11379 times

    Is shopping your hobby? Help Macy find all of the items and achieve her dream of becoming the best Personal Shopper possible!

  • Daily Difference
    Daily Difference
    Played 1777 times

    Can you spot all of the differences in this daily series of pictures?

  • Lovely Mermaid
    Lovely Mermaid
    Played 4580 times

    Dive into the details of this underwater love story!

  • Baby Princesses Room
    Baby Princesses Room
    Played 6106 times

    Oh no! This room is just so messy. Can you help the Baby Princesses find their toys?

    • Follow Your Dream
      Follow Your Dream
      Played 2519 times

      The search for your dream job stops here.

    • Princess Juliet: Fashion Trouble
      Princess Juliet: Fashion Trouble
      Played 42708 times

      Princess Juliet is in need of your help to get her favorite dress sewn together in this brand new 2D adventure game, Princess Juliet: Fashion Trouble. Find all the hidden clues to make her dream come true!

    • Sofia vs Ivy Amulet Battle
      Sofia vs Ivy Amulet Battle
      Played 29752 times

      Sofia’s magical amulet has been stolen by Ivy. Join the princess while she goes looking for it in Ivy’s room in this exciting hidden objects game.

    • Personal Shopper 5
      Personal Shopper 5
      Played 1754 times

      'Tis always the season for Macy to shop 'til she drops!

    • My Little Pony Halloween
      My Little Pony Halloween
      Played 7240 times

      A few of the fun-loving characters from the world of My Little Pony are ready to celebrate Halloween, the creepiest and kookiest day of the year. Twilight Sparkle is dressed up in a witch costume and she’s trying out a spooky spell. Help her find all of the ingredients and supplies she needs while hiding from her friends. They’re eager to give her a good scare!

    • Daily Ally
      Daily Ally
      Played 52186 times

      Ally's room isn't always the cleanest and she needs your help tidying up in this cute hidden object game, Daily Ally. Make sure to find everything within the time limit!

    • Zoo Break Out
      Zoo Break Out
      Played 1153 times

      The animals have escaped from the zoo! Get them back in this fun hidden-object game!

    • Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
      Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
      Played 13533 times

      Jessica had a very exciting day. She was rescued from a group of bullies by a cute boy on a motorcycle. Join her as she writes about it in her diary in this free online game.

    • Secret Story: Hidden Objects
      Secret Story: Hidden Objects
      Played 2658 times

      This poor fairy has misplaced all of her magic. Let’s see if we can get it back.

    • Ice Queen Wedding Tailor
      Ice Queen Wedding Tailor
      Played 21102 times

      Kristoff needs a kingly look for his upcoming wedding day, and it's up to you and the Ice Queen to give him a head-to-toe makeover – once you can find all the tailoring tools she needs, that is!

    • Secret Book
      Secret Book
      Played 2827 times

      Open a dusty, long-forgotten tome, and find yourself...sucked in!

    • Rock On
      Rock On
      Played 1332 times

      Get ready to rock out with this trio of musical mademoiselles.