Fun Games for Girls

  • Full Moon Wo Sagashite
    Full Moon Wo Sagashite
    Played 12541 times

    Mitsuki's getting ready for her next big concert—can you help her look awesome for her fans?

  • Heart Star
    Heart Star
    Played 13370 times

    Bring these two adorable characters together in this classic, retro-style puzzle game.

  • Deal or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal
    Played 11220 times

    Choose a suitcase and find out if you’re about to win a virtual fortune.

  • Nelly's Cluttered Dressing Room
    Nelly's Cluttered Dressing Room
    Played 2327 times

    Nelly’s got to clean this mega mess, and stat!

    Played 2789 times

    All of these wacky worms are trying to outdo one another. Can you help yours survive for as long as possible in this addictive io game? Help them become big and strong while you fight to defeat the other worms.

  • Ellie: Halloween Costume Designer
    Ellie: Halloween Costume Designer
    Played 2788 times

    Ellie’s great at designing Halloween costumes but she could use some help creating one for herself...

  • Superhex.Io
    Played 42787 times

    Can you assemble your cells and create a powerful hexagonal base in this challenging io game? See if you can protect your cells from your enemies and conquer as much territory as possible.

  • Vocaloid Christmas
    Vocaloid Christmas
    Played 10074 times

    Miku and her friends could use some fantastic outfits for their Christmas concert—they need your help!

  • Lol
    Played 13372 times

    You might find yourself laughing out loud while you mess around with these photos featuring some very famous faces. Give them some long noses and other hilarious features in this online game.

  • Anime Costume Party
    Anime Costume Party
    Played 2421 times

    Give this anime girl a fun outfit.

  • Terrible Triplets
    Terrible Triplets
    Played 5300 times

    Look after the triplets so they remain happy and quiet while their parents are sleeping.

  • Baby Hobbies: Dollhouse
    Baby Hobbies: Dollhouse
    Played 4640 times

    Can you design the perfect dollhouse for Baby and her friends?

  • Little Fairies Quiz
    Little Fairies Quiz
    Played 13320 times
  • Trollface Quest TrollTube
    Trollface Quest TrollTube
    Played 28179 times

    Trololo! Trollface is trolling TrollTube! Help him search for some unlucky adventures and solve the tongue-in-cheek puzzles in a point-and-click game that will have you screaming for more. Troll on the floor laughing!

  • Tip Tap
    Tip Tap
    Played 4774 times

    Click or tap the screen to turn your vehicle. See how far you can get without it falling off of the track!

  • Unicorn Miracle
    Unicorn Miracle
    Played 3120 times

    Love isn’t all rainbows and unicorns…or is it?

  • My New Town
    My New Town
    Played 11588 times

    Country, city, ocean, or space—where will your town building take place??

  • Hamnster
    Played 951 times

    A fun yet challenging platform game.

  • FNAF - Sister Location Custom
    FNAF - Sister Location Custom
    Played 6627 times

    You can customize your frights in this version of the popular, and super freaky, video game series. How long will you survive once you go up against these bloodthirsty robots?

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 851 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

  • Baby Hazel Carnival Fair
    Baby Hazel Carnival Fair
    Played 7231 times
    Played 986 times

    In this exciting io game you’ll be controlling a blob. In order to defeat all the other blobs, you’ll need to eat tons of candy and use your powers to destroy them. Think you’re up for it? If so, then get ready to help your blob become big, bad and impossible to beat!

  • Baby Pets Beauty Pageant
    Baby Pets Beauty Pageant
    Played 2567 times

    Baby is trying to get her pets ready for the big pageant. Which one should she groom first?

  • My Kitty's Kiss 3
    My Kitty's Kiss 3
    Played 2961 times

    The kitties are back for another round of romance.

  • One More Line
    One More Line
    Played 4363 times

    How many circles can you make in this action-packed challenge?

  • Arcade Slacking
    Arcade Slacking
    Played 1321 times

    As if slacking at work wasn’t enough! Now that you’re at the arcade, you’ll need to be careful to watch over your coins so that they won’t get stolen in Arcade Slacking!

  • Water Balloon Battle
    Water Balloon Battle
    Played 1208 times

    After this soaking, the boys will know what it means 'to throw like a girl.'

  • Mermaid Kiss 2
    Mermaid Kiss 2
    Played 5501 times

    Lose your lips to secret seaside love!

  • Mermaid Pearls
    Mermaid Pearls
    Played 3112 times

    The Pink Sea Kingdom is under attack: only a special princess can save the day.

  • Baby Rudolph
    Baby Rudolph
    Played 1889 times

    Help! Baby Rudolph needs to get ready for his first Christmas. You gotta do something!

  • Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Played 57040 times

    Beat the crazy internet memes at their own game in this baffling adventure!

  • Singing Cats
    Singing Cats
    Played 837 times

    Annoy the neighbors with your wailing cat choir!

  • Boohbah Zone
    Boohbah Zone
    Played 5869 times

    Get lost in the magical world of the Boobahs…

  • Lily Slacking Office
    Lily Slacking Office
    Played 3802 times

    It’s a very boring day at Lily’s office. Help her nap through a meeting without her boss finding out and prank her coworkers afterward in this crazy slacking game.

  • Operate Now: Dental Surgery
    Operate Now: Dental Surgery
    Played 29570 times

    Oh no! It's all fun and games until someone chips a tooth. Time to go to the dentist...

  • White Kitty Dress Up
    White Kitty Dress Up
    Played 1314 times

    Snowball the cat loves when you dress her up! What costume will you give her today?

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