Caring Games

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 36899 times

    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

  • Dynamons
    Played 517 times
  • Give Birth to Your Daughter
    Give Birth to Your Daughter
    Played 33329 times

    This young woman is about to have her baby. Can you help her remain comfortable and happy in this birth simulation game?

  • Apple White Pregnant Check-Up
    Apple White Pregnant Check-Up
    Played 8752 times

    Apple White is pregnant and she needs you to check to see if her baby is healthy. Can you help?

  • Hair Expert
    Hair Expert
    Played 27878 times

    So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

  • Barbara's Second Child Birth
    Barbara's Second Child Birth
    Played 10862 times

    Is Barbara going to have a second baby? Join her while she goes to the hospital for an exam with her doctor.

  • Baby Hazel Goes Sick
    Baby Hazel Goes Sick
    Played 20160 times
  • Pregnant Mermaid Baby Care
    Pregnant Mermaid Baby Care
    Played 6598 times
  • Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Played 20002 times

    This cute little mama pig is pregnant and as her farmer, it's up to you to make sure that her new babies will be healthy. Look after both her and the babies in this animal care game, Pregnant Pig New Babies.

  • Baby Braces Doctor
    Baby Braces Doctor
    Played 4678 times

    It looks like Baby might need a set of braces. Let’s take her to the dentist to find out for sure...

  • Cute Kitten Daycare
    Cute Kitten Daycare
    Played 2891 times

    Keeping kitties content is a full-time job.

  • Baby Care
    Baby Care
    Played 1060 times
  • Baby Hazel: Learns Manners
    Baby Hazel: Learns Manners
    Played 517 times

    Hazel needs to improve her manners. Before she gets started though, she has to exercise and eat breakfast.

  • Super Babysitter
    Super Babysitter
    Played 7466 times

    Can you keep the baby madness under control until the parents return?

  • Give birth a cute Baby
    Give birth a cute Baby
    Played 5199 times

    This lovely young lady is about to give birth and as her doctor, you need to make sure that the baby is healthy. Take care of her and her child in the family fun browser game, Give birth a cute Baby.

  • Goldie Princess: Skin Doctor
    Goldie Princess: Skin Doctor
    Played 32633 times

    Yikes! This poor princess is having a really bad breakout. Let’s get her to a skin doctor and fast! Can you help pop her pimples and cure her other blemishes in this game for girls?

  • Pou Girl and the New Born Baby
    Pou Girl and the New Born Baby
    Played 2163 times

    A baby girl is about to join the Pou family! Help mom Pou pack her bags to get ready for the hospital. Mom and the new baby needs your help to take care of the cute little baby girl. Plant a loving kiss on the cute new baby face because you are such a caring good nurse. The beautiful happy family are so grateful for all your help!

  • Net Pet
    Net Pet
    Played 29185 times

    Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet.

  • Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Played 13371 times
  • Ice Queen Twins: Family Day
    Ice Queen Twins: Family Day
    Played 24627 times

    This young queen just had twins and she’s feeling very overwhelmed. Let’s help her tidy up her living room before she and her king spend some time with their new babies in this simulation game.

  • Puppy Health Problems
    Puppy Health Problems
    Played 8869 times
  • Cute Jungle Hospital
    Cute Jungle Hospital
    Played 22856 times

    The patients in this hospital are fuzzy and wuzzy and they need your tender loving care.

  • Baby: Sports Injury
    Baby: Sports Injury
    Played 3554 times

    Uh-oh! Baby got hurt while playing tennis this afternoon. Let’s get her patched up...

  • Monster Foot Doctor
    Monster Foot Doctor
    Played 3879 times

    Oh no! Each one of these adorable monsters is having a problem with their feet! They’re all in dire need of a pedicure. Can you help them trim their toenails and fix up their feet in this makeover game for girls?

  • Doc McStuffins
    Doc McStuffins
    Played 2171 times

    Dottie and her friends have a big day ahead of them. Wanna help out?

  • My Dolphin Play Day
    My Dolphin Play Day
    Played 6452 times

    Create a happy home for your new friend under the sea: your very own dolphin!

  • Applejack: Flu Treatment
    Applejack: Flu Treatment
    Played 5107 times

    This poor pony isn’t feeling very magical today. It looks like she’s got the flu and she’s running a fever too. Let’s help her get better in this medical game.

  • Paws to Beauty: Arctic Edition
    Paws to Beauty: Arctic Edition
    Played 32618 times
  • Messy Olaf
    Messy Olaf
    Played 2598 times

    Olaf the snowman got a bit dirty during his adventures today. Could you help him scrub up?

  • Cute Baby Nursery
    Cute Baby Nursery
    Played 8700 times

    If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...

  • Cute Cat Hospital
    Cute Cat Hospital
    Played 11996 times


  • Kindergarten
    Played 10264 times

    Keep the babies happy by fulfilling their needs as fast as you can.

  • Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery
    Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery
    Played 24065 times

    Doctor, you’re needed in the OR. This patient is counting on you!

  • Build Puppy's Dog House
    Build Puppy's Dog House
    Played 10186 times

    You’ll need more than building skills to complete this cute game. First, you’ll have to adopt the perfect pooch and play fetch with them. Once that’s done, you can get started on building them a comfy new home. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on it, you can play dress-up with your new furry friend. What outfit would look great on them?

  • Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Played 4676 times

    Hazel is heading to the mall because she wants some new toys. Maybe something educational would be cool?

  • Puppy Surgery
    Puppy Surgery
    Played 8723 times

    These three puppies aren’t feeling very good today. It looks like each one of them is going to need an operation. Go to the animal hospital and get ready to perform surgery. One of them has a heart problem, another one is having some issues with her tummy and the third puppy has a broken bone. With your help, they’re sure to feel better in no time.

    • Mermaid Mommy at Doctor
      Mermaid Mommy at Doctor
      Played 2174 times

      This pregnant mermaid mommy is not feeling too well. Can you take care of her at the doctor's office?

    • Operate Now: Dental Surgery
      Operate Now: Dental Surgery
      Played 11856 times

      Oh no! It's all fun and games until someone chips a tooth. Time to go to the dentist...

    • Operate now: Tonsil surgery
      Operate now: Tonsil surgery
      Played 8946 times

      Doctor, DOCTOR! You need to operate—these tonsils must come out now.

    • Microlife
      Played 853 times

      Feed and care for your little Micro creatures so they will grow up and move to the next level.

    • Puppy Teeth Dentist
      Puppy Teeth Dentist
      Played 4205 times
    • Cute Puppy Daycare
      Cute Puppy Daycare
      Played 11336 times

      Pamper a precious puppy from the pound!

    • Pregnant Violetta Ambulance
      Pregnant Violetta Ambulance
      Played 3264 times

      Violetta is expecting a new baby but something has gone wrong. We should get her to a hospital as quickly as possible. She’s in an ambulance and she’ll need your help until she arrives there so climb aboard. Check Violetta’s temperature, look over her stats and make sure that she’s in stable condition during the drive in this exciting medical game.

    • Hair Expert 2
      Hair Expert 2
      Played 9465 times

      Wonder what it’s like to work in a luxurious salon? Let Georgio take you on a tour.

    • Pou Tooth Problems
      Pou Tooth Problems
      Played 2245 times
    • Pet Exam
      Pet Exam
      Played 2812 times

      These poor pets are pretty banged up but you know how to take care of them though, right?

    • Paws to Beauty: Christmas Edition
      Paws to Beauty: Christmas Edition
      Played 18525 times

      These pets want to get into the holiday spirit; can you give them some Christmas cheer?

    • Operate Now: Appendix Surgery
      Operate Now: Appendix Surgery
      Played 8055 times

      Doctor, a patient needs you in the examination room. Get down there on the double!