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Super Snappy Collapse

Super Snappy Collapse is a tile-matching game with social elements. Break the tiles to pop the crates and balloons. You can play mini-matches with multiple players at a time.

How to play Super Snappy Collapse?

The aim is to pop groups of two or more of the same tiles. If you pop tiles that are directly next to a crate of balloon, you can make these burst as well. Balloons take a single pop, crates will require multiple tile-combinations to crush.

Combinations of five or more tiles will yield powerful rockets and bombs. The tile you tap determines where the bomb will be placed, so try to use this strategically to clear obstacles from the board whenever possible.

Each game is divided into three rounds. Players can challenge one another, als you may receive challenges from AI-opponents. Try to score more points than your opponents. The player with the highest cumulative score after three rounds will win the game.

Earn coins to unlock power-ups and customization options for your avatar, such as new haircuts and different outfits. You can also unlock several pets and funny dance moves to burst out during the cutscenes between matches.

Game Controls

Tap or click on a group of tiles to pop it

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Who created Super Snappy Collapse?

Super Snappy Collapse was created by Gamebop.

When was Super Snappy Collapse first released?

This game was first released on October 10, 2023.