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Stickman Planks Fall

Stickman Planks Fall is a running game in which you can compete against other players. Collect planks to build bridges and create shortcuts to get to the finish faster.

How to play Stickman Planks Fall?

Run down the floating track in this action game and collect as many planks as you can. You can pick up planks by running over them. Your stickman will stack up the planks in his arms and use them to create a bridge whenever you run (or get pushed) over the edge of the track.

Create bridges to collect the items displayed on the red columns. You can collect keys to unlock prizes, and funny hats and items of clothing to change your stickman’s appearance. (You can also discard items you don’t want, so if you want to keep the item you’ve collected be sure to tap the “Keep It” button at the end of the round.)

Make it to the finish first to advance to the next round of the race. The last couple of competitors will be eliminated. The further you get, the more obstacles will appear along the track. Swinging cannonballs and spinning beams can shove you off the track, so make sure you have plenty of planks to make your way back before you fall down.

Game Controls


  • Use the WASD keys to run.


  • Press the left mouse button and move the mouse to the left or right to run and change direction.


  • Keep your finger on the screen and swipe left or right to run and change direction.

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Who developed Stickman Planks Fall?

Stickman Planks Fall was created by the Stickman vs Monster School Team.