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Solitaire Mahjong Juicy

Solitaire Mahjong Juicy is a mahjong game with a tropical holiday theme. Relax and search for the matching tiles to the soothing sounds of Caribbean and Hawaiian steel drum Calypso music.

How to play Solitaire Mahjong Juicy?

Look for two matching tiles and select them to make a pair. This is called a meld, and any complete meld will vanish from the board. You can only select and combine uncovered tiles that are free on the left side, the right side, or on both sides.

This means you will not be able to use all tiles at the start of the game. Clear away the top layers and the tiles around the edges of each tile arrangement to reach the ones in the middle and at the bottom of each stack.

Keep an eye on the timer shown at the top of the screen and try to finish within the time limit. Next to the timer, you can see how many available combinations are currently on the board. If there are no more combinations available, you can shuffle the remaining tiles to continue playing. If you can clear away tiles in a quick sequence, you can receive bonus multipliers worth up to 10x your normal score!

Game Controls

Use the mouse or tap the screen to select tiles and/or use the action buttons.

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Who created Solitaire Mahjong Juicy?

Solitaire Mahjong Juicy was created by Softgames.