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Shapik: The Quest

Begin an epic journey in Shapik: The Quest. There’s an entire kingdom full of mystery and magic for you to explore in this fantasy game.

Shapik might be tiny, but he's about to go on a great big adventure in this point and click game that features some truly gorgeous graphics. Tag along with him as he encounters all sorts of unforgettable characters and solves some truly tricky puzzles. He'll get to befriend many of them or, in some cases, bee-friend them!

There's at least one honeybee who will be eager to join him on his quest, especially if Shapik can help her escape from a spider web! She's just one of the creatures who will need his help. You'll also need to lend hermits a hand as they deal with owls who have stolen their very valuable batteries. There's no telling who, or what, you’ll encounter as you travel through Shapik's miniature and magnificent world.

How to Play Shapik: The Quest?

Shapik: The Quest is a fun and challenging adventure game. Join a brave creature named Shapik as he goes on a journey through the tiny kingdom he calls home. He’ll be eager to help out those in need as he explores all of its nooks and crannies.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select tools, characters, and more as you solve a variety of puzzles.

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Who Developed Shapik: The Quest?

Shapik: The Quest was created by Feig Ltd.