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Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing is an exciting 3D offroad bike racing game with three game modes. Compete in a race, try the career mode, or enjoy a free ride. Each mode has a single-player and 2-player feature.

You can unlock several different vehicles, including mountain bikes, cross bikes, ATVs and more!

How to play Riders Downhill Racing?

Race against other cyclocross athletes in the tough outdoor conditions of the muddy cyclocross track. Can you beat everyone else to the finish?

Or try the career mode, in which you must speed along a series of spectacular and dangerous mountain bike tracks. Can you complete the track before you run out of time?

In the free ride mode, you can experiment with different vehicles, including sports bikes, motorbikes, quads, and even speed boats! Collect the gems while performing jumps and flips. You can even use a parachute for the most insane aerial stunts. 

2-player mode

All game modes of Riders Downhill Racing are available in local 2-player mode as well. Share your keyboard with a friend and race together.

Game controls

Player 1

  • WASD = Drive
  • Q = Jump
  • E = Parachute (Free Mode only)
  • Shift = Nitro fuel
  • C = Camera
  • R = Restart

Player 2

  • Arrow keys = Drive
  • I = Jump
  • P = Parachute (Free Mode only)
  • M = Nitro fuel
  • K = Camera
  • U = Restart

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Who created Riders Downhill Racing?

Riders Downhill Racing was created by RHM Interactive. 

When was Riders Downhill Racing first released?

This game was first released on April 17, 2024.