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Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Head to the first starting line in Dirt Bike Racing Duel. Kick up plenty of dust and more than a little dirt in this one or two player motocross game!

Blast off ramps and fly over the tops of shipping containers in this intense racing game. You can challenge the computer or other gamers in the two player mode. Just be careful! The tracks you’ll be using aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ll really need some awesome virtual cycling skills to avoid crashing as you try to become the first racer to cross each and every finish line!

How to Play Dirt Bike Racing Duel?

Dirt Bike Racing Duel is a cool off-road game. Team up with the Red Rider or the Blue Rider before you zoom through mountains, factories, and even ancient ruins. You can compete against virtual or real opponents, but how many of these epic races will you win?

Game Controls

Player One

  • PRESS W to speed up.
  • PRESS S to slow down.
  • PRESS A to lean back.
  • PRESS D to lean forward.

Player Two

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to speed up.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW to slow down.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to lean back.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to lean forward.

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Who Developed Dirt Bike Racing Duel?

Dirt Bike Racing Duel was created by RHM Interactive.